Z-wave shop

Z-wave tecnology covers everything from z-wave lighting and dimmers, to z-wave relays. Z-wave shops in Europe offer a wide range of z-wave certified devices to use not only with your home lighting system, but also with heating, irrigation, security and other systems, not to mention just about every home appliance in your house. Because of its own designated low energy redio waves, z-wave operates more reliably than wi-fi, while still offering the possibility to control your home automation systems not only on-site with a built-in panel or keyfob, but also through your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with internet access. Z-wave shops and their assistants are equipped not just with all the latest certified technology, but also possess the knowledge needed to advise their customers on the proper selection and use of z-wave devices. While z-wave dimmers, z-wave shutters and z-wave relays may sound like they just arrived from a sci-fi movie, in reality they are no more and no less than devices which will help you remotely and wirelessly lock your doors and windows, turn on your gas and water heaters, control your oven and IT devices, set your lighting … Once you get used to the comfort z-wave brings to your home, you will never go back to your old ways.

Z-wave Europe

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