Your perfect second home

If you lead a busy city life and your weekdays seem to fly by much too fast, there is a good chance that you wish to have a cozy getaway place just for yourself. While renting a place is always an option, there are plenty advantages in owning a place of your own. A place you can design and decorate according to your taste and desires; a place where you can always truly relax, because you are at home away from home.

Build your own tree house

This is the ultimate dream of every nature enthusiast: to relax in a tiny (or not so tiny) house hidden in the trees. Building your own dwelling, up in the crown of a tree, is quite a different challenge; but one which will excite every the inner engineer in everyone and provide countless hours of happy planning and constructing. However, if you want to skip the construction part and just enjoy being a neighbor to the birds and squirrels, there are plenty of providers who can construct your own dream tree house. Modern tree houses can be quite extensive and elaborate, spreading around one tree or spanning among many. The most important things to consider when planning your tree house are construction methods which should not be invasive and damaging to the trees, yet sturdy enough to support a safe structure.

Modern living containers provide all the needed comfort

living container

There is a wide range of living containers which can prove to be your perfect second home. They are usually prefabricated and therefore easily installed: the only thing you need is a level piece of land with access to electricity, running water and that gorgeous view. Living containers have good insulation and provide adequate protection against the elements and are, as such, livable throughout the year. Inside they are equipped with all modern amenities which ensure high standards of living. They are usually divided in into a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, a bathroom and two separate bedrooms. A terrace in front of it (which can be additionally protected with a canopy roof, if needed) enables you to enjoy the outdoors on its doorstep.

One living container can comfortably house up to six people but if there is need for more space, modular living containers offer the possibility of joining two or more units into one large living space, or joining two units with a roof between them. Possibilities are practically limitless.

Become a nomad in a modern yurt

Yurts are traditional homes of Mongolian nomads and are usually made out of fabric stretched over a wooden frame. They look like round tents with raised walls and their main advantage is portability. Modern yurts, however, can have walls made out of architectural fabrics with vinyl windows and solid doors. Usually they are built on a wooden platform as a semi-permanent structure and could be equipped with running water and electricity. They are used primarily in milder climates or seasonally; however, the wooden versions of modern yurts provide enough protection also in long snowy winters.

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