Only the best of the best in hygiene

In terms of maintenance and sanitizing equipment for food producing and processing plants, it is highly advisable to choose for the best industrial grade gear on the market. Stations for hand and boot washing can be integrated with the rest of the logistical platform that your whole business depends on. Industrial washing stations are mandatory by law, as they eliminate enormous amounts of risk. The highly effective methods are undeniable and good for almost any type of facility. Whether you are in baking dough based products, making prefab meals or in the meat and dairy industry, we can offer smart solutions in a wholesome package.

Hand washing station

Hand wash and sanitizer stations can be integrated in such a way, that there is no way around them physically. This way it can never be forgotten to sanitize properly at the moments that most require them. Eliminating risks and maximizing secure output is what these types of systems are all about. The latest in industrial hygiene equipment can be found in our offer, amongst several other things and custom options. If you are looking for industrial boot washing stations for sale, for instance, then look no further. We have what it takes to manufacture excellent systems, and already for decades rely on an unmatched reputation in the field. And impressive track record can also be found on our site, where our European projects are described.

The ideal boot cleaning solution

Our boot washing solutions are super handy stations that are environmentally friendly. Our stations are linkable, highly powerful and consume only very little power. In a blink of an eye you can sanitize your footwear, keeping the boots in excellent shape and the working area completely sterile. What more could you wish for when it comes to tools like this? Excellent service has always been natural to us. Often there’s a need for certified gear in this field, and we can supply whatever you need at a very affordable price. These stations are fabricated with highly durable, yet light weight material for easy handling. They can be made into portable stations, are easy to install, use and clean. An ideal solution for people who want to focus on their core activity!

Walk-through systems for sole washing, as well as boot scrubbing stations with high pressure installations belong within the broad range of possibilities. Each has their own set of pros and cons, but usually it is very obvious which kind of material is needed for the specific task. Many decades of experience with these kinds of projects have brought us to a point where we can always find ourselves in a very helpful position. For all of our clients we strive to do an amazing job at supplying them with the best or even better. Also automatic hand washing stations can be integrated within the same facilities, to ensure maximum yield when it comes to cleanliness within the company. Special features can be added to make even more out of the stations, so that the efficiency is again boosted. Foot operated, or fully automatic, it is all possible thanks to our skilled design team of engineers with a great deal of experience in the field of automation and hygiene.

Boot wash station

Rules, regulations and success

With constantly changing rules and regulations in the field of hygiene in the food sector, one might go completely nuts even thinking of keeping up with all of that. Therefore, it might be wise to choose solid partners that know the industry inside out and have influence on the upcoming policies. Together with the industry, the best manufacturers are together able to make way for the most efficient improvements in this field. Whenever you think of getting a high quality automatic hand washing stations, think of us and give us a call. We’d be happy to find out what we can mean to each other. Together we can make it work as good as possible, and make a win-win situation out of it.

We specialize not only in industrial hygiene equipment, but also in complete solutions for logistics and sanitation. We can equip a factory or processing plant with all the interior components needed, to run highly efficient modern production or processing activities. The highest standards are implemented here to reach maximum levels of certification so that your business can conduct its main activities to the fullest. Rest assured after choosing for the best partners in the field, and rely on our expertise when it comes to the best tools available for your business. To maximize revenue together in the most efficient way, that is what we stand for. Feel free to contact us and find out what goals we could reach on what terms, we’d be glad to inform you.

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