Industrial washing machines are used in numerous industries

An industrial washing machine is crucial equipment in many industries, especially in food processing industry. It is used where highest hygiene standards are required, because it offers quick and thorough cleaning of different items. They can be multipurpose or specialized for specific task. Industrial cleaning machines are made of stainless steel and are very durable. We are manufacturers of high-quality products from stainless steel which are suitable for wide array of industries. Our products are present in more than 30 countries all around the world. Our firm was established in 1773 and since then we have grown into a global supplier. All our experiences help us solve all kinds of technological challenges. We offer custom made solutions for challenges which our business partners face on daily basis. Our products help them meet quality standards and optimize production time and costs. Our clients receive complete customer support from planning, engineering, consulting to after sale service. Driving force of our company is development of innovative products which is why we invest in technology and employees. Following trends in our field, constant upgrade and professional approach combined together give outstanding results which are appreciated by our clients. Our mission is to continue to develop high quality products for numerous industries. We are building long term business relationships and are able to successfully achieve needs for modernization of many companies. Our vision for future is to stay one of leading manufacturers of industrial stainless-steel products which are sustainability oriented and innovative. Design, functionality and modern solutions are qualities that make our products recognizable.

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Industrial washing machines have water recycling system which is cost effective

Our industrial washing machines are very cost effective. They significantly shorten time of cleaning processes, reduce water consumption and guarantee superior hygiene. Because they have water recycling system, they are ecologic. Water is effectively reduced by reusing rinse water from other phases of cleaning. Rinsed water is collected for cleaning or pre-washing phase. Pumps lifespan is prolonged with double filtering system. It ensures that no dirt particles are present in filtered water which is flowing through the pump. Machines also have low water level protection which stops the machine if water level in the system is too low. That way damage to the pump and heating elements is avoided. Industrial washing machine can operate with water which has 85°C, that way items are sanitized, ensuring all items are clean according to standards HACCP, NFS and IFS.

Industrial size washing machines for crates, pallets are produced in cabin or tunnel version

Industrial size washing machines are available in cabin or tunnel version. They are the best solution for cleaning items which have similar size, shape and material. For accommodation of wide range of products, they feature sideguards, and hold-down attachments. Our item specific industrial cleaning machines for crates, pallets, bins, deliver best cleaning results. Crate washing machine has a washing and rinsing zone and has capacity of up to 3000 items per hour. It has adjustable washing and rinsing functions and it also has automatic detergent dispenser. For more economic use of water it has object detection sensor in rinsing zone. Device can be fully customized, client can choose among many different options such as: blow off tunnel, stacking device, water softening system, steam water heating, sanitizer dispenser, vapour extraction fan. Pallet washing machine provides washing and drying of different items. It’s washing capacity is up to 50 pallets per hour. Industrial tunnel washing machine has pre-washing, washing and rinsing zone, blow-off function in integrated in all models.

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Industrial cleaning machines can operate as independent or modular units

We also produce other industrial cleaning machines which are used for utensils, waste bins, IBC containers, moulds, trays, layer pads, smoke trolleys, poultry transport crates, automotive batteries, knifes, smoke sticks. Our specialized industrial machines function as independent unit or a modular unit in an extensive washing system. Sticker remover machine works quickly and efficiently. Stickers are removed with pressure which is created by powerful pumps, without use of any special chemicals. Two high pressure nozzles which are placed on the sides, provide optimal results. Device is made of stainless steel, it has smooth surface so it is easily cleaned. It has adjustable washing parameters, double filtering system and water recycling system. Blow-off machine complements all industrial washing processes. Residual water is removed from the items with a special airflow system. Optimal results are achieved with hot water rinsing before drying process. We also produce another variety of industrial drying machines. They are blow-off tunnels for vacuum packed food after washing process. It can work independently or as a modular unit and can be fully customized. For vacuum packed food we also offer sanitizing devices which have various methods of sanitation. IBC drying tunnel completely dries any metal items such as bins, containers and other items. Residual water is effectively removed with accelerated air which is blown through an air nozzle system.

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