Warehouse equipment optimizes processes in storage systems

As a part of Nieros intralogistics solutions and material handling systems, warehouse equipment enables efficient organization of storage units. It saves time and space and provides cost optimization. Ergonomic design and warehouse automation rationalize performance, simplify work processes and boost productivity. High quality and hygiene demands are achieved in compliance with HACCP, ISO, IFS, NSF and other standards. Warehouse equipment comes in manual and automated varieties. Manual model exploits gravity and is suitable for small-capacity storages. Robotized and automated warehouse management systems are designed for storing full or empty Euro stacking containers, plastic crates and Euro-pallets. They are equipped with digital monitoring system – barcode (RFID) destination tracking for controlling multiple entry and exit points. All warehouse items can be traced and accessed quickly and order picking follows FIFO principle (“first in, first out”). Dimensions and capacity of storage systems can be customized, depending on specific needs of our clients. Strong and compact constructions are made of high-tech stainless steel for durability, reliability and easy maintenance. Warehouse management solutions respond to our clients’ needs for methodical and systematic organization of storing systems.

Warehouse equipment

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