Underwater LED lights magically illuminate your water

Illuminated water at night is something that will always bring up some special feelings.

Underwater fountain LEDs are fairly more efficient than incandescent lights and come in many different versions. Their main advantages over conventional lighting are their extreme durability, resistance to being continually turned on and off and chromatic reproduction. They produce more light and consume less electricity, and are, if we compare them to other underwater lights, a lot more economic.

Underwater LED lights for fountains Underwater LED lights

LED underwater pool lights need to resist certain amount of pressure. The LED lamps inside them are super bright and energy efficient. Underwater coloured LED lights usually have an option of cool white, warm white, blue, green, red or multi-colour RGB (they combine the three colours, to produce an outcome of 16 million different hues of light), some even RGBW (red, green, blue, white) lighting.  Normally, this kind of LED swimming pool lights are quite easy to install. While planning the lightning solution for our pool, we should know that their brightness will determine how much of the area that needs lighting, will be lit up by an individual light. If we want them to sufficiently illuminate our swimming pool, we must carefully plan how many of them we will need and where we will place them.

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