Types of laminate flooring regarding wood

Types of laminate flooring offered at Floor Experts are versatile and suitable for any home. Regarding the wood species the laminate flooring tiles mimic, we differentiate between the following types of laminate flooring: cherry, pine, spruce, maple, oak, acacia, ash, beech, jatoba, larch, teak etc. The different types of laminate flooring can also mimic other materials, such as stone or marble, but at Floor Experts we also offer several other different laminate flooring patterns. Your choice depends entirely on your preferences, since all the different types of laminate flooring are of equal and excellent quality.

types of laminate flooring

Other types of laminate floorings

We also differentiate several types of laminate floorings regarding other characteristics, e. g. the surface:

  • smooth finish associated with hardwood,
  • textured finish,
  • distressed types of laminate flooring to achieve antique look.

At Floor Experts you can also choose laminate flooring tiles which are appropriate for heating system and they also differ according to the size and the thickness of the individual laminate tiles. Flooring must suit your needs, so, if you will install it in the area whit a lot of heavy footfall, we recommend choosing the thickest laminate flooring, which will ensure the appropriate durability of laminate flooring.

laminate flooring ashInstallation of laminate tiles for flooring

Different types of laminate flooring also offer different installation methods. It can be glued down, but the most common laminate flooring tiles use the advantage of the floating method. Floating laminate flooring tiles are installed like jigsaw puzzles, they’re connected to each other but not attached to the floor. This type of laminate flooring offers many advantages, like:

  • quick and easy installation,
  • there is enough space for normal expansion and contraction,
  • excellent durability of laminate flooring,
  • this method is also appropriate for different laminate flooring

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