Top laminate flooring brands use the best materials for their products

Laminate flooring brands which we represent are from all around the world. We only choose reliable manufacturers which use high quality materials for their products. Best laminate flooring brands are the ones which have high-end ecologic production from sustainable materials. We have different clients which demand different kinds of products. Because of that we offer many brands of laminate, which offer best ratio between price and quality. Our laminate flooring brands offer suitable products for traditional homes and for high end villas as well. Manufacturing technology and processes have made laminate very trendy and available product. It looks almost the same as the best hardwood flooring but it has many advantages. Best flooring is easy and quick to install, it is budget friendly, installation leaves behind almost no mess, floors can be used instantly after installation is done. Installation process doesn`t require glue and because of that it is health friendly. Because best flooring brands produce prevarnished laminate, there is no sanding and oiling or lacquering of floors. That as well is beneficial for your health. Best laminate brands offer their products in many colours from very light do dark choices. Decors you can choose from have appearance of wood, stone, ceramic tiles and other materials. Surface textures can be glossy for elegant modern look of floors or hand scraped for rustic look. You also have an option to choose thickness of laminate which ranges from 6 to 14 mm.

best lamiante flooring

If laminate flooring from best brands is installed properly no seams are visible

Top laminate flooring brands usually produce laminate with click system for installation. This system is the easiest way to lay down top brand laminate tiles. Every tile has a groove and a tongue which fit perfectly together. They click together with no use of force. If installation of top brand laminate is done correctly, seams between tiles are invisible. That is a big advantage of top brand flooring because dirt and water can damage tiles. If seams are not tight, water can cause swelling of planks and replacement of best brand flooring can`t be avoided.

laminate flooring brands

 We offer best brand of water resistant laminate flooring

Best laminate for kitchens and bathrooms is water resistant laminate flooring. We represent Aquastep which is best brand for water resistant laminate. Aquastep brand is a pioneer in this field. Their laminate flooring can be washed with water and soap. Because of its ability to be thoroughly cleaned, it is very suitable flooring for babies and people with allergies. It is very strong and durable.

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