The industrial washer provide upper-level washing performance

The industrial washer is necessary for any business where superior washing performance is needed. NIEROS® industrial washer offers upper-level washing performance during the entire cleaning process. Greasy, stained and dirty items, will be thoroughly and rapidly washed. What’s best is that NIEROS® industrial washing equipment is multi-purposed. Industrial washers are perfect for trays, boxes, racks, moulds, Euro stacking containers, Euro-pallets, Euro-bins and plastic crates. As with any other NIEROS® equipment, they are fully customisable and tailored to meet clients wishes. Industrial washing equipment benefits reveal through its use.

Industrial washing

 Crate washing machines offers stellar and cost-effective washing

NIEROS® Crate Washing Machine CLT is a compact, tunnel washing machine fitted for washing Euro stacking containers, crate, Euro-pallets, utensil baskets and trays. The compact industrial washer has a washing capacity (depending on a model) of up to 3000 items per hour. Washing and rinsing zone (which has an object detection sensor) are a safe guarantee that the cleaning will be superb and thorough. It has easy and handy access to equipment for washing machines such as adjustable spray nozzles and water tanks. Electric water heating, electrical connection, automatic detergent dispenser and adjustable washing and rinsing parameters are the reasons why the industrial washer is so cost-effective. Its smooth surface finish and stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) transport chain is assurance for a long-lasting life cycle. NIEROS® Poultry Crate Washing Machine CLT, which has similar features to NIEROS® Crate Washing Machine CLT, was designed for multi-size poultry transport crates. The industrial washer (can be used as a module in the conveying system) can accommodate up to 800 poultry crates per hour (max. Size 1000 x 600 x 420 mm).

Sustainable solutions for the industrial washing process

Industrial washing is a user-friendly process with adjustable washing parameters and easy access to water tanks and spray nozzles. It also demonstrates advanced washing performance during the entire washing process. Industrial washers are not only water recycling, cost-effective machines, but are meeting all the highest quality requirements and HACCP, IFS and NSF International standards as well. NIEROS® industrial washer is made of high-quality built-in parts, which means that it’s easy to clean and maintain. At NIEROS®, we are always looking for new sustainable solutions. We decided to implement equipment for washing machines such as water recycling system, double filtering system and low water level protection into our industrial washers. The water recycling system is reusing fresh rinse water which reduces water consumption, double filtering system prolongs the pump’s lifespan, and low water level protection stops the machine if the levels of water are insufficient.

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