The fully automated warehouse will simplify the production process

NIEROS® fully automated warehouse is offering simple and efficient solutions for every production process that needs reliable and exact inventory control. Our proficient NIEROS® experts will help you design, organise and utilise storage space. With proper and efficient warehouse solutions, stored items will be quickly traceable and easily accessible. Most warehouse facilities operate on the FIFO principle, which is “first-in, first-out”. The FIFO principle is an accounting and product-management method in which products first produced, are first sold. The FIFO method is for the cost flow analysation. At NIEROS®, we have over 245 years of experience in offering custom-made solutions and in manufacturing stainless steel products. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best products, with the best solutions and support. Cutting-edge technology allows us to meet the standards of transportation, agricultural, pharmaceutical, automotive, petrochemical and chemical industry.

Fully automated warehouse

Warehouse solutions are offering better time-cost optimisation

 NIEROS® automated warehouse is ergonomic and user-friendly. They can be operated manually or automatically and were made, to increase productivity. They give us fast and easy storage, using the warehouse space to the maximum. Choosing warehouse management systems depends on the facility, area, available storage capacity and on products that will be stored. At NIEROS®, we provide all warehouse solutions. From planning, designing, commissioning, installation to maintenance and repair. Depending on your facility and storage capacity, you can choose from various modes of operation. They are manual operation, automatic charging and manual removal, manual charging and automatic removal or automatic charging and automatic, removal. There are several benefits of using a fully automated warehouse. From time-costs optimisation, easy and accurate inventory control, maximum space usage, efficient traceability system, humanised work processes, flexible configuration, fast and effective order picking, easy maintenance, low operating costs, economical storage management and end-to-end solutions for every storage type. All systems are fully integrated with other NIEROS® logistics solutions and tailored to the client’s specific production needs and requirements.

The fully automated warehouse is an efficient and accurate solution

NIEROS® fully automated warehouse let us utilise space efficiently and provides quick, systematic and exact stock controls. Automated warehouse equipment such as compact and sturdy stainless steel rack is providing optimal solution and easy maintenance. NIEROS® fully automated warehouse allows us to have fully monitored various entry and exit points in every sizeable production space. The stainless steel rack is essential automated warehouse equipment with multiple entry points and exit points, with high speed and acceleration. Because we want to cater to your production needs as much as we can, the product is available in custom capacity and dimensions. It is digitally monitored with fast software customisation and with display (and printout) of all operational data. RFID barcode easy destination tracking is controlling the entry, and exit points. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology allows traceability of a product, and it’s safety. To ensure that warehouse solutions are meeting all the requirements and are tailored, to your production needs, NIEROS® experts will help you composite and apply the optimal solution for your fully automated warehouse process. The automated warehouse equipment is on the spot as a stand-alone model or integrated into the data processing system. The equipment complies with HACCP, IFS, NSF and other standards. The automated warehouse equipment is carefully planned, created with the best technology and easy to clean.


Automated warehouseProduction will be more economical with warehouse management systems

Automated warehouse equipment, was created for everyone who needs help managing internal processes economically as possible. All our warehouse management systems, from simple to fully automatic, were designed to simplify and clarify work procedures, reduce workplace accidents, create an efficient workflow and boost productivity. We make sure that our fully automated warehouse equipment meets all the latest standards that are crucial in food processing lines, transport systems and material handling. Warehouse management systems vary depending on space, facility and product. Empty crate warehouse system covers substantial capacity while complying with HACCP, IFS, NSF standards. This system is perfect for storing empty Euro stacking containers or plastic crates. The standard number of rows is 40, and the maximum conveyor speed is up to 25 m/min. This system is available in custom capacity and dimensions. Full crate and pallet warehouse systems are perfect for Euro stacking containers, pallets and plastic crates. We can choose from Gravitational warehouse (manual, semi-automated), Pick and place warehouse (fully automated) and NIEROS® fully automated warehouse that covers substantial storage space. The gravitational warehouse is ideal for small storage areas and limited storage space. Following the principles of FIFO full crates move along the rollers. The second system is Pick And Place Warehouse which is the perfect solution for small production areas with limited storage capacity and substantial and heavy-duty loads. Every load that is transported by specialised robots is easily traceable by the barcode (RFID). NIEROS® fully automated warehouse simplifies the process in production areas with substantial storage needs.

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