The best industrial hygiene equipment for your business

At Nieros, we design and produce high-tech industrial products, made from stainless steel, such as industrial hygiene equipment and tool sterilizers. This kind of equipment is crucial especially in food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries where high level of personnel hygiene is required. Also, having all the tools and knifes sterilised is of the utmost importance in the industrial process, because poor cleanliness can compromise the whole production of goods.

What is the essential industrial hygiene equipment?

Hygiene stations are an important part of maintaining a sterile working environment and high sanitary standards. We offer a variety of advanced sanitary stations for sterilizing hands and thoroughly washing footwear of multiple workers in 60 seconds. Our solutions are designed to fit your needs – you can choose between stations with one, two or even three lanes. If the production line has a rather small space, we recommend using one of our single lane machines which have the capacity of purification 3 to 4 and 10 to 15 employees per minute, respectively. Besides providing high hygiene standards, our machines are also user-friendly and energy-saving. For vast environments, dual or triple lane sterilizers are the best option. Devices with two lanes can provide the cleaning of 10 to 15 employees per minute, while a triple lane machine can operate with the capacity of 20 to 30 employees per minute. Our solutions offer a quick and simple hand disinfection and a careful footwear cleaning. When it comes to cleansing the sides of the shoes, there are two heights of the vertical brushes available.

A comprehensive solution for personnel hygiene

At Nieros, we also offer devices that are able to clean and disinfect hands or footwear separately. In fact, our personnel sanitation equipment is completed by our wide range of footwear cleaning machines which are suitable for washing low or high boots. All the machines are very easy to use, efficient and environmentally friendly.  Besides, we also offer hand dryers and many accessories, such as waste baskets, agent dispensers, paper towel dispensers and paper roll or waste sack holders.

Tool and knife sterilizers for a variety of items

The best hygiene possible is extremely important also with tools and accessories. We offer total industrial cleaning solutions as well as item-specific washers, made for sterilizing pallets, knives, crates, bins and other tools and equipment. Our knife sterilizer can thoroughly wash up to 2000 knife baskets hourly. This machine can also clean and sanitize cutting boards, trays and other similar items, using water, heated at 85 °C.

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