Logistic management system can be tailored to our needs

Nieros is a company based on tradition of personalised approaches. Their logistic management systems are compact, connected, flexible and made in a way that their components and structures can be easily added or removed. These sort of systems are invented to help us organise our space and internal production procedures. They increase our efficiency, help us minimize losses and injuries that come with transport, food production, material handling or warehouse operations and simplify our production process. They also thoroughly respect ISO, HACCP, IFS and other standards for manipulating delicate goods.

Logistic management system

Logistics and warehousing solutions by Nieros can simplify the company’s warehouse processes immensely. They are developed for order handling and complete storage and have designed warehouse management solutions that provide easy and quick storage of loaded or empty euro crates, euro pallets, cartons and boxes or other cargo types.

Nieros industrial logistics systems are easy to use, ergonomic and extremely user centred, which not only raises productivity, but also helps our personnel fulfil their tasks regularly and comfortably. We can choose between automated logistics systems and manual operations. Their industrial logistics systems that make full use of our warehouse areas, make the storage of our industrial equipment easy. We can decide between fully automated logistics management systems, pick and place systems or gravitational warehouses.

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