Smart switch – greater control for your home

Smart switch is a replacement for traditionally built-in switches. They are installed on top of existing back boxes. Wireless switches provide us with different ways to control our smart home. Don’t be worried. They still work as a regular light switch. Most smart switches are used to controlling lighting, fireplaces and hardwired appliances. The best way to regulate them is through an app using a smartphone, tablet or even voice control. Smart switches are connected to our home network providing remote control through wireless network. Wireless switches work as good even if we are kilometres away.

What is great about smart home technology is that the more you start linking gadgets and appliances, the more things become alluring. With technology like a smart switch, we can truly get home working for us.

Living room with smart switches

 How to turn your living room into a smart home theatre

There are lots of families that love spending their night chilling on the sofa and watching a good movie. If we are one of them, a small home theatre can be a perfect solution for our living room. How to start? You guessed it. With a smart switch. Assuming of course that we already have Z-Wave and smart hub set. The smart switch will allow us to remotely turn off or on the lights in the living room. If we are very specific about our “theatre vibe”, we can add dimmers as well. This way our home theatre will be more authentic. Even our windows can be motorised by a Qubino Flush Shutter or Qubino Flush Shutter DC. This way there will be no sunshine glares. Adding TV to our Z-Wave network is also a good idea. Smart TV switch will power up the TV for us while we are making popcorn. As we add more devices we can get more creative with our wishes. Our new home theatre can be fully customized and fully adaptable to our family’s needs.

Smart Switch – Qubino Flush 1 Relay and Qubino Flush 2 Relays

The way we will upgrade our home is up to us. We can use smart technology in a purely convenient way or we can have lots of fun with it which results in creating a big, loud customized smart home. Qubino Flush 2 Relay is brilliant for remotely controlling up to two electrical devices like small appliances, door openers, lighting. The Flush 2 Relays can be paired with a digital temperature sensor.

With Flush 2 Relays remote light switch we can control up to two lights, a fan, sprinklers and lights. All that using just our smartphone or tablet. The timer is a great way to prevent your sprinklers from overwatering your lawn. Setting a time to turn the lights off in the basement seems like an excellent idea because we all know how rarely we check if we left the light on in the basement or the attic. To make our life a bit more manageable Flush 2 Relays monitors, measures and reports power consumption of connected devices. The size of Qubino Flush 2 Relays grants us simple and quick installation. It fits into the smallest and most crowded flush mounting boxes. Its sole purpose was to be used, remotely control and set off by other devices in your Z-Wave network. Qubino Flush 1 Relay can be installed behind a wall switch which allows us to control lights, hot water tanks and heater. It can also be installed behind a power socket which gives us the liberty to turn the device on/off when we want to and at the same time get power consumption readings. With Flush 1 Relay we can remotely control things like floor lights, oven, fan or iron. If we install Qubino Flush 1 Relay in the electrical box we can control things like pool or irrigation system. It’s the only Z-Wave smart switch in the world that has two additional inputs (I2, I3). It all depends on how we will use them.

Smart home with wireless switches

Wireless technology – a wireless light switch

The wireless light switch is assembled from two main pieces which are transmitter and a receiver. These pieces are needed for turning any standard chandelier or light fixture into a smart one. The transmitter sends a signal to the chandelier when to turn off or on. When pressing the switch the signal goes via radio frequency to the receiver, who interprets the signal. The receiver is the part who needs wiring, but not an additional one. We can replace the old light switch with the new remote light switch with the same wiring.

The wireless light switches seem like the most boring part of our smart home.

Just like the plugs, the wireless light switches don’t get enough attention in our home. Even though we barely even notice them. However, they are a pretty amazing device. We can control the whole house lighting with one tap on our smart home.

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