How to get the most out of your new smart plug

One thing we can’t avoid in our home is wall plugs. It doesn’t matter if we like the look of them or we constantly try to hide them, they are there. The main job they have is to turn things on and off. Adding a smart plug to it, the device can become a lot more versatile. Remote plugs allow us to control our everyday non-smart devices through our smartphone or a tablet.

Remote control plug

Enjoy wireless control of your home with the smart plug

If we want to change our home into a smart home the most economical decision is to start with lighting. If we are new to smart technology is best to start with one thing at the time. Smart plugs are a great place to start. If we decide to buy a remote plug, we don’t need smart bulbs or smart appliances. With a smart plug, we will never have to worry again that we left something plugged in. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s an iron, a curling iron or a light fixture. If we have smart plugs in our home, we can turn them off remotely through an app. The app is also giving us measurements of electricity consumption. However, it’s recommended that we change our lightbulbs to LEDs. They use less energy the bulbs last longer and they give us far more natural lighting.

The Benefits of Qubino Smart Plug 16A

At Qubino we are determined to make your daily life a little bit more comfortable. Qubino Smart Plug 16A is a great, remote control, plug for devices that are measuring energy consumption.

As the world is progressing with the newest and coolest smart technology, we all still have that one device, that is not necessarily smart but we love it, at home. We probably wanted to replace it many, many times but we just can’t seem to do it. This is where smart wall plugs come in handy. We don’t have to throw away that hairdryer or coffee maker we are attached to. With a remote home plug, we can transform any traditional electric device into a smart one. A smart plug is offering us additional diverse parameters and features we can use.

Besides turning the appliances on and off we can also measure the power consumption of the connected device, which is calculated from measured signals. The Qubino Smart Plug 16A is also a Z-Wave repeater. That means that improves stability and the range of Z-Wave network.

With smart home plug, we can remotely control water heater, washing machine, lighting, TV, PC, iron, refrigerator and hairdryer just to name a few. The settings allow us to set time after which the devices will turn off or on. To measure the power consumption, we have to make sure that our hub at home supports this feature. This feature is showing us readings of how much power does refrigerator or lights use. It’s an excellent way to save some money. Talking about smart equipment probably makes you wonder about security. The Qubino Smart Plug 16A is the only Smart Plug that supports S2 Authenticated security. Security S2 is handled by the Strong AES 128 Encryption. This makes Z-Wave the most secure IoT security platform in the market. Smart Plug 16A is a plug & play device. That means the installation is easy and require no skills. It can even be moved around the house. There is no limitation regarding the appliances you can control nor their consumption. You can manage all appliances in your home even those with higher power consumption like a tumble dryer. It fits into any Schuko power socket and doesn’t disturb the other wall plugs.

Remote plug

Remote control plug – The Essentials

A remote control plug is a power receptacle that plugs into a traditional electrical socket. A smart plug is essentially a wall plug that can add smarts to any gadget or appliance in our home.

They pretty much look like travel adapters that are fast and reliable. Remote plugs connect to a corresponding app on our smartphone or a tablet. So, what are the essentials?

  • Timer: With the app, we can set timers to turn a certain device on or off at pre-scheduled times. Information tracker and potentially lower electricity bill. We can also follow the electricity consumption for every device. This way we will get information on which device is using a lot more power and which one isn’t.
  • Security: Scheduling lighting to go on and off when we are not at home keeps our house safe.
  • Assistance: Smart home plugs are great for turning our not so smart kitchen appliances into a smart one. If we prepare ingredients the night before and turn the crockpot on before we get home will seem like we have a personal chef.


A smart home plug is essentially a pretty amazing gadget that can interact with every non-smart device in our home and make our life a bit simpler.

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