Smart lighting enables us to control our home lights from a distance

Smart home lighting is a clever way how to make it look like we are home even when we are not. Our smart lights can now be controlled from a distance, with just the use of a smartphone, and can run on a specific set schedule, to hide the fact that we actually have things automated. Another advantage of this kind of system is definitely the ability to change its brightness. If we want to be able to dim our lights with a smart switch, let us make sure that it supports dimming. If we have bulbs that have the possibility to change colour, a smart switch helps us to do so.

Smart home lighting

The first decision we have to make before installing a new smart lighting system, is either to choose smart bulbs, smart switches or maybe both. With a smart switch, our new smart light bulb can still work as an ordinary one. Using it, we can still switch our lights on and off in case our network crashes, our hub breaks or our Wi-Fi is down. Having it, we make sure that, for example, our guests, parents or gran parents will be able to control lights manually. As a matter of fact, smart bulbs only work when the light switch is turned on.

Remote control of lights is possible when we change our toggle switches for wirelessly controlled switches and keypads. They communicate with a processor that can be easily hidden in a closet or utility room.

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