Smart home technology

We used to think remote control of windows was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but with rapid development of smart home technology in recent years, our lives have become awash with possibilities we could never even imagine a decade or two ago. Today, smart home technologies enabled us not only to operate our windows, curtains and other home systems in our absence, but also introduced us to a whole new way of thinking. Smart windows, for one thing, are so much more than just devices to be opened, closed or curtained. They can reduce incoming heat, increase the quality of air, allow for transparency or obscure the goings-on in our homes. When need arises, they can actually do both, in different directions. Smart windows and accompanying home technologies have transformed our homes and offices, our public and commercial spaces for the better. With simple installation, easy maintenance, increased safety and high level of adaptability, smart windows are offering a brighter view of our future.

Window roller shutters

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