Protect and improve your home with Qubino solutions technology

In creating our dream smart home we usually start with updating different smart home appliances. Some people start with changing the lighting system, some with heating system, some changing their household appliances and others with doors and gates. The days when no one lock their front door are unfortunately long gone, and safety of our home became priority. Securing our home is now so much easier. With a mobile app we can check from anywhere at any time if we closed and lock our doors. Let’s not make it easy for the burglars.

Remotely open garage door

Control your gates and doors with Qubino Flush 1D Relay

Let’s face it. Mornings can be stressful. We are all running around trying to find the remote control for gates, keys for the door and car keys. How many times did you lock the door automatically without noticing? There are lots of things we do every day and locking the door is one of them. And we do it multiple times a day. Locking the door became a habit. A habit we barely notice doing.

With Qubino Flush 1D Relay we can now wirelessly control our entrance door, garage door or gates. No more wondering if we locked or closed our door. We can now remotely regulate sensor with a smartphone.  With the Flush 1D Relay we can control on/off function for one electrical device. It supports different switches such as push-button/momentary switches and toggle switches.  Because Qubino Flush 1D Relay is the smallest Z-Wave switch in the world, it can be installed into any mounting box out there. It is also the only Z-Wave switch with one additional input. This way you can make sure remotely if your doors are shut and locked. If not you can access them through the mobile app, and with a few simple taps close and lock them.

Smart shades are added measure in protecting your home

Using smart shades is one more way to protect our home from thieves. Or we can just enjoy our privacy. They work in one of two ways. You can buy motorised smart blind or you can modify your current windows shades into smart shades.

Sometimes investing in smart shades is the easiest way to update your home to a smart home without breaking the bank. Smart shades are easily controlled with a smartphone app. You can close/open them, set timer or even set a schedule for each room. With just a slide though our phone we can we can wake up to natural light, save energy or set triggers.

Because protecting our home is the most important when we are away traveling, we can set a schedule for opening and closing them. This way we give the appearance of being at home and can enjoy our travel with a peace of mind. Smart shades give us endless possibilities to save money on heating and cooling. They provide us with privacy, they control the amount of outdoor light coming in and they come in various exciting styles.

Doors remote control

Remote control access for your garage door

Returning home and getting out of the car to open the garage door can be a hassle. With the newest technology, we can now remotely open garage door with our phone. Yes, the wireless garage door opener has been around for a while, however, with new smart technology, there are new capabilities for sharing access and monitoring garage door remotely. Now we can ditch that remote control, we have been losing a lot, and use our smartphone instead. Our phone will remind us if we left the door open and allow us to monitor our garage through a video.

With the mobile app, you can set rules for automatic closing and opening of the doors, get real-time alerts and even set daily schedules. Remotely controlled doors are added security to our home.

Wireless control of TV and smart home appliances

When we think about smart home appliances we rarely think about the weather as well. Did you know that your household appliances can be damaged by lightning? How many times did you leave your TV on for your pets, or PC running to download something and left home just to realise that the storm is approaching? Yes, we have all been there.

With Qubino Flush Shutter or Qubino Smart Plug 16A there is no more worrying about our smart home appliances. Now we can wirelessly control TV, PC or any smart home appliance. If we forgot to turn off the TV or PC we can now access it remotely and turn it off.  All you have to do is to select the device you want to control on your mobile app and voila. The TV, stove, electric radiator, microwave or PC is turned off. How great is that?

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