Silicone heaters can be perfectly suited to our needs

Silicone heaters are known for their excellent electrical insulation properties, low thermal mass, easy fastening and very good protection against external influences. They are suitable for heating flat or curved surfaces and are usually made of fiberglass reinforced, moist and chemically resistant silicone rubbers that give them great dimensional stability without flexibility losses. Their construction creates a very thin heater that will fit the applications with strict space limitations. They are perfect for various low and medium temperature applications requiring irregular shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Flexible silicone heaters have some unique qualities such as a high dielectric strength, non-toxicity, flame retardance and can withstand mechanical shock and vibration. They usually consist of two layers of silicone with a heating resistor in between and are used in medicine, military, for elimination of condensation, frost protection in different branches of industry, catering (reheating food), tempering, snow melting, preventing condensation and more.

Elastic Wrap Heaters are used for applications that need freeze protection, or to prevent condensation.  Their lengths are coiled similar to a telephone cord and we can easily and successfully use them in applications like semiconductor processing equipment or plumbing systems for water treatment.

All the mentioned heating devices are normally manufactured using a CNC machine, meaning that they can be custom made, integrated with thermostats and safety elements with different temperature ranges, equipped with various connecting cables of any length, and also come in self-adhesive versions.

Silicone heaters

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