Savica Waterfall trail and other pathways to get there

The beautiful Savica Waterfall murmurs in the upper end of Lake Bohinj, in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Its highest strand is 78 meters high with the lower strand of 25 meters. They both drop into an emerald green river pool. The drive from Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall takes about an hour and a half. The road leads from the highway to Lake Bled, Bohinjska Bistrica, Ribčev Laz and along the south side of the lake to Ukanc. If you wonder how to get there from Lake Bohinj, then take an easily accessible walking tour from Ukanc and camp Zlatorog or visit the Savica Waterfall on a marked footpath from the Ribčev Laz village. The twenty-minute long Savica Waterfall trail starts in the parking lot near the souvenir cottage. From here the pathway leads past the stone bridge over a Mala Savica stream and then up the 553 stone steps to the wooden viewpoint. Savica Waterfall swimming in the river pool below is not prohibited, although the water is very cold in all seasons and there are no well-maintained footpaths around the river pool. You can also take a guided traditional Savica Waterfall hike where the path runs from the Ribčev Laz village and along the northern side of the lake.

Savica Waterfall how to get there

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