REM modular space slutions

Ever since we have started in 1995, we have strived for delivering premium products and user friendly spatial solutions. Some of the latest prides in our range of solutions are the modular office systems, which are amongst the cleverest solutions till date. The units that make up for this system, can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The modular feature of these units however, makes them particularly interesting for office projects, as we see the strongest need for flexibility there. Also the performance in terms of energy efficiency and indoor comfort is exceptional. Finding the right solution becomes more of an issue of too many choices now, as the possibilities are nearly endless. These solutions can be offered at highly competitive rates, as the manufacturing has become more efficient and much safer when compared to traditional building styles. Decreased risk on the work floor results in much lower rates, again enabling us to offer better costs efficiency.

Safety benefits on the new work floor

As opposed to building on site with traditional standards, the modular building systems can be made in much safer ways. The highly standardized factory process allows for close attention to detailed safety measures, such as personal protection gear that all employees need to wear. Making for an easy oversight of the work floor, organization and management can reach more effectively to every detail of the processes. Inspection can be integrated within the structure of the company, guaranteeing continuous attention for health and safety regulations. Having ongoing safety protocol revisions and improvements, helps day to day implementation of safety rules as they become more structural to all employees.

Modular office units

Working on ground level instead of on heights

Historically, working on heights has never been completely free from hazards. Eliminating the potential risk of injuries is beneficial in many ways. Work can be executed more efficiently, without the need of complicated safety systems. Even heavy lifting of components and materials by cranes can be executed with improved safety, as more reliable permanent cranes are used instead of mobile lifting equipment on a traditional construction site. A great percentage of injuries occur with involvement of lifting heavy payloads on construction sites. Eliminating a great deal of the lifting work, and only using top of the line heavy duty cranes to assemble modules on site, guarantees a higher safety factor on site and during manufacturing.

Weather influence is no longer an issue

In a warm, dry environment where no additional clothing is needed, the work can be carried out more freely and efficiently. Without the need for measures like thick gloves, most tools can be handled with improved precession and therefore with improved safety. Materials and their thermo-dynamical behaviour can be easily kept in check, when they are processed in an environment that’s climate controlled. Dimensional accuracy can be achieved with wood, metal and concrete far better in a factory type of setting, as opposed to site bound manufacturing.

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