Efficient hygiene systems must meet quality assurance standards

Hygiene systems are a central point in any food production plant, as well as in the chemical industry or increasingly anywhere, where the possibility of contamination is present during the production or processing. It is important that the hygiene systems employed in a plant display the following:

✔ Efficiency. Any hygiene systems installed in a factory or working area should be condensed and comprehensive. This means that there should be enough space reserved for it in order to give the phase sufficient importance. Yet at the same, the process of guaranteeing the hygiene should not slow down the working process itself. Taking into consideration both aspects, it is clear that hygiene systems should be designed with this in mind.
✔ Durability. Investing into hygiene systems can be a considerable financial and organisational burden, therefore it is expected that the duration of the life cycle of hygiene systems will be substantial. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It is important to choose the provider with enough experience in the field to deliver the optimal result.
✔ High-quality materials. No hygiene system can be durable and efficient when not made from high-quality materials. It is a balance between the quality and performance on one hand, and the price on the other hand, that the producer needs to strike. Only the most experienced and trustworthy brands in the field can guarantee the best result.

hygiene systems for hand hygiene

Food processing technology can be customized or standardized

Another sensitive and very precise item in various production sectors is food processing technology. As with hygiene systems, food processing technology demands meeting the utmost standards of hygiene, efficiency, and adaptability. When choosing the right food processing technology, the following should be observed:

o Size. Are you a medium-sized enterprise with about a hundred employees or a small micro company with family members working the evenings and weekends? No matter what the size of your company, food processing technology, such as food processing lines, will help you optimize your performance and maximize your results.
o Purpose. Depending on the products that you are making, it is vital to choose the correct line-up for your food processing technology. Many different standardized and customized options are available. It will be impossible to do that without the advice of an expert.
o Power. Linked to size and purpose, power is another characteristic that you need to bear in mind when choosing a food processing line. Here too, the balance between cost and output should play a role when making a decision.



A bin washing system guarantees a clean and safe environment

As in any production line, waste will occur, it is also important to consider a bin washing system. Such a system can help you organize your production process better, guaranteeing a thorough and concise cleaning of the waste containers.

If you use 200- or 300-litre Eurobins, the Bin Washing Machine CLK 200 and CLK 300 by Nieros are an ideal choice. Those two kind of bin washing systems can wash the bins including the wheels, thereby guaranteeing up to thirty such washes per hour. This can greatly facilitate your production process and can improve the conditions of your working environment.

bin-washing-system as a part of hygiene systems

Any logistics system from Nieros comes with a margin of trust

Nieros is also a logistics system producer. The systems from their company are based on decades of experience and extensive know-how, built during the work with many business partners from across the world. They provide state-of-the art customized or standardized equipment, such as the following:

1) Lift systems. It is imperative that any system used for lifting to be adapted to the load and the frequency of lifting. Durable and robust materials as well as smooth operation are a signature sign of the Nieros quality.
2) Transportation equipment. Logistics is a field where every second counts and every millimetre saved on space can gain thousands of euros. Not only big gains for their customers are a motivation for the Nieros team, but also the satisfaction in knowing that the customer’s wishes have been honoured.
3) Comprehensive warehouse systems. A warehouse is a complex and connected system, a world in itself. The organisational challenges of timely, financial and spatial aspects can be immense, especially in big companies and on several locations, notably multinational. The Nieros expert team has the knowledge and experience to deliver even on this big challenge. Have a look at the website or contact the representatives for further information and for customized advice on how you can profit from the Nieros expertise for your benefit.

Situated in the north of Slovenia, the seat of the company is only minutes away from the Austrian border, which is why the German-speaking market is a natural opening for them. In addition, they are represented in most major European markets through sales representatives or business partners.


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