Quadon is a framework system developed by our experts and can be used for controlling all aspects of network portability. It is easy and self-explanatory to use. Network portability, a process where users can keep their numbers while changing the Telecommunications provider, is now an inevitable part of the telecommunications market. Competition between operators has led to more choice for consumers and a decrease in prices. Therefore it must be in each operator’s interest to secure a good and solid network portability system. Quadon is a modular product. It consists of several components which each have a specific function and can be used alone or in a package. Quadon™ np gateway is dedicated to ensuring seamless portability and is complemented by a web application.

The benefits of number portability are increasingly shaping the consumer behavior in this market. Consumers are aware that switches are easy while mobile numbers can be kept. This has led to increased competition between operators and has improved the quality of services and products in the telecommunications market. It has also increased Innovation and encouraged innovative approaches. Additionally new value-added services are offered by operators, which attracts new customers and keeps the existing ones, whereby prices are kept low.  An equal level playing field is ensured for all, even smaller market players, which can grow their customer base and through their innovative approach arrive at a larger market share.  This leads to better market conditions for everyone and ensures an encouraging business environment.


For seamless network portability processes anywhere: Quadon™ np gateway

Quadon™ np gateway is a software solution developed by our experts and used by operators and regulators. It is a number portability gateway for mobile, landline and VAS operators and allows that all porting processes are seamlessly executed. Quadon™ NP Gateway can be Integrated into any existing software used already. It ensures good communication between actors, and links them with the central reference database. National Regulators in telecommunications need to keep track of all porting request. The Quadon™ np gateway  ensures that procedures are executed in a timely and efficient manner. It keeps track of processes and relevant elements with additional features, such as billing and provisioning. Like this, Quadon™ np gateway  a comprehensive and variable portability solution, which is adapted to national number portability requirements anywhere across the globe.

Easy number portability solution for local number portability processes

Regulators and operators alike need to adhere to the rules of local number portability processes, which can vary in different countries. Quadon™ np gateway is a number portability solution, which is flexible enough to be used anywhere in the world. The design of this software is modular and upgradeable, so that it can adapt to existing systems, which are used by the actors involved. It can be installed on a physical server or cloud-based. This allows for integration of even smaller operators and their individual shops which allows for equal level playing field and better conditions for all. One of the biggest advantages of Quadon is that it is designed, based on field work. This makes it very hands-on and practical. The ease of use is ensured by many possible variants. They most variability is guaranteed because of the seamless exchange between different software components.

When thinking about the challenges of implementing mobile number portability, operators will need to consider the cost factor. It can be considerable and includes the cost of infrastructure upgrades for networks, the maintenance of infrastructure and the cost of resources use. This setup cost includes the central database establishment and the evolution of the network software, which can also be used to upgrade the network. If there is no forward strategic planning, all these  costs can be doubled or tripled. The Quadon solution ensures an upgradeable setting up of all individual parts. It can be used in a package or in individual components, which are integrated with existing IT solutions.

Make the most of mobile number portability processes

Quadon np gateway

Mobile number portability process can take place after a request is made by the client to the operator. The request can be done on behalf of any one of the service providers involved, either the current provider or the future provider. It is The regulators of the country concerned that decide  who will make the request. Requests are kept in the central database, which can be maintained and implemented in two ways:  peer to peer or centralized. The Quadon system is a way to ensure all related processes and keep a transparent overview of all procedures at any time. The Teletech website provides many product details of our solutions. We have developed them on the basis of our extensive field experience. Led by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, we always strive to provide excellence for our clients. We will ensure a personalized service for you, no matter what your issues are. Get in touch with us through email phone or in person.

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