Choose the biggest industrial washing machine producer in Europe

Nieros, a company devising all hygiene-related products for your production and workplace, is one of the major industrial washing machine producers in Europe. Our industrial washing machines, for sale in all industrial markets of the Western world, are marked by the highest levels of hygiene and quality. Material used is durable steel, guaranteeing the adherence to the demands of health and safety regulations. Our professional washing machines are made of stainless steel or materials specially made for the industry branch that we serve. We understand the demands of the industrial washing and have devised our solutions to be effective, speedy and easy to use. Many clients from all over the world have recognised us as innovative and technologically advanced industrial washing machine manufacturers. This is proven by the many certificates that we have obtained and confirmed by the trust that is renewed by the customers daily. Our solutions are marked by low costs for operating and maintenance costs, by the fact that products are easy to clean and to maintain, and that all built-in parts are of the highest quality. Get in touch with us through email, phone or in person at one of our sales points, we will be happy to offer you a personalized quote.

professional washing machine

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