Industrial hygiene equipment that helps you optimize your expenses


In the food-processing industry, there is a high need to satisfy all the highest hygiene standards. Contamination of food during the production process would result in huge economic consequences that no company can afford. At Nieros, they design and develop robust and efficient industrial sterilizers, which can be implemented turnkey and can operate in limited spaces. Their effective tool sterilizers are able to clean various cutting tools, such as knives, knife baskets, saws and axes. They also produce apron, boot and uniform cleaners which operate automatically and manually, and are handy and safe for the user. All the industrial sterilisers made by Nieros have been developed with one thing in mind – to help you save time and money, through a time effective and energy saving performance. All their products are made of stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and is resistant to chemicals. Their industrial hygiene equipment complies with all the international hygiene standards that are of extreme importance especially in the food processing field. As aforementioned, these tool sterilizers are very capable and help the company achieve the best hygiene results possible. At the same time, they are extremely energy- and time-saving.

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