The first real solution for optimized work flows

For the first time ever we are able to offer fully integrated modular systems for the hygienic processing of food produce. In every sector, from bakery to meat and dairy, we are able to deliver custom solutions with super high efficiency. As leaders in the field we feel the need to continuously influence the process of policy making, even though our power to do so is limited. Together with large industrial partners we can make a difference, by setting an amazing example we take our responsible roles. The main objective here is to ensure longevity of our products by planning ahead of the changing policies and laws with regards to improved (hand) hygiene compliance. Constantly aiming to be the best can only be done with the support of our clients. We can offer great deals on complete systems and we can compete with all of Europe, offering some of the best price to quality rations ever seen in the field.

Hygiene procedures

Working methods to ensure long term success

Working highly structured and neatly will already help a long way to achieve results here. Efficient storage, working and logistics solutions need to incorporate efficient tools. Efficient machines for hygiene and clean working environments are essential to today’s sustainable business requirements. Developing in house procedures is part of the mandatory actions against infestations and must be updated regularly. Hygiene procedures may include regular boot and tool sterilization as well as complete sanitation of the work space. Equipment that can handle frequent use of cleaning agents and tools is therefore crucial. The best materials and food safe metals are being used for these types of systems, so that the quality and cleanliness can be guaranteed effectively. Efficient machines for hygiene and clean working environments are essential to today’s sustainable business requirements. Automated hand hygiene solutions have always been part of our spectrum, but now we can incorporate much more with all of our machines. We are able to supply super efficient, easy to use systems that are cleverly designed.

Rules and regulations to follow

Under the industrial hygiene and safety laws we can find the environmental regulations, safety and cleanliness on the workplace regulations. Policies such as these are made to prevent any form of health risks related to the work or the use of the products. To ensure the longevity of almost any (food related) business, the compliance is essential. Failure is not an option, as any small mistake can be disastrous. The trickiest would be the poultry and dairy sectors, as outbreaks are the hardest to contain there. The past has taught us though, that preventative measures can be taken in such a way, that all risk is pretty much eliminated. Investing into partnering with the right experienced hygiene equipment manufacturers can be one of the best decisions ever for your business. Following the rules we all must, but to stay way ahead of them will save you tremendous amounts of investments in the years to come. Invest once in a quality system, incorporate modularity and rely on it for decades to come.

Hygiene technologies

One of the main challenges we face, is that hygiene technologies around the world are quickly developing, and we have to stay on point with our research. We constantly need to stay ahead of competition and in touch with the industries that we work with in order to be ready for the future. The gear that we make can last for centuries, but the regulations don’t allow for business to use the same equipment for that long due to certification issues and changing regulations. Leading this process is what we constantly strive for with our partners, and we are proud to be amongst the leaders.

Special offering of custom solutions

We offer industrial hygiene equipment at the highest level for businesses of many kinds. From standard equipment and tools to fully equipped facilities with turnkey systems. Upon delivery it can be used at its maximum capacity, and has many more abilities for flexible usage. Expansion was never as easy, but thanks to the new modular systems it can be done in no time. Literally overnight our products can be adapted, updated or expanded to suit your ever changing needs. When it comes to our offers we can customize anything to suit your needs optimally, regardless of size, shape or sector you might be in. Contact us of a meeting and we’ll find out soon how we can collaborate. Customer satisfaction has our utmost priority, and we have an impeccable reputation amongst our impressible list of referrals around Europe.

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