Hygiene procedures help with prevention of contamination

Basic hygiene procedures must be applied by all health and social care staff, while industrial hygiene and safety procedures by most of the industry workers, food handlers etc. The aim of basic hygiene routines and dress code is to prevent the spread of infections. Basic hygiene procedures include hand hygiene, use of gloves, aprons and gowns, dress code including workwear, hair, beard, jewellery and bandage on hands. We disinfect our hands to ensure safe, germ-free work environment.

Hygiene procedures

Hand disinfection is necessary in healthcare, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other branches where our hands tend to be contaminated. Automated hand hygiene is applied by hand disinfectant dispensers that are used before entering a clean area, handling food, before and after bedside work, surgeries and in numerous other circumstances where hand disinfection is required.

Nieros has many years of experience in the area of different hygiene solutions, technologies, industrial hygiene equipment and machines. Over the years, they have gathered a wealth of experience and have slowly taken the lead among hygiene equipment manufacturers.

Beside other things, they specialise in hand hygiene technologies and offer several options for hygiene hand disinfection, like different hygiene stations, hand disinfectant dispensers and hand disinfectors with controlled entry that will surely improve our hand hygiene compliance.

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