Premium laminate flooring can be installed in all types of buildings

Premium laminate flooring is our special line which combines quality, luxury and durability. It is highest quality laminate in our sales program. Premium laminate flooring is suitable for homes and for heavily used industrial building as well. It is perfect to create contemporary or traditional appearance of your home. For achieving desired look, you have the option to choose from many colours, decors and surface finishes. Thickness of high quality premium flooring guarantee exceptional look and feel of your new floors. If you choose wood decor of tiles, your high quality premium flooring will have hardwood floor look. Premium quality laminate offers the best results for all clients. It durability is exceptional and wear ability is of a highest standard. Premium flooring is made of best material using modern and high-end technology. It comes is many colours, decors and surface textures. Premium laminate has remarkable dimensions and thickness. Laminate flooring quality of Premium Line is unique. It is suitable for demanding clients who only want the best.

Our premium laminate flooring has long life span and exceptional appearance

All our high quality laminate have click installation system. There are many variations of it click in, click lock, quick fit and others. All systems have in common that they are easy and quick to install without using any force. Seams between tiles are invisible if laminate flooring is installed professionally. For best results we recommend using good quality underlayment. Underlayment gives premium flooring good stability and permits laminate to contract and expand. This happens because of changes of room temperature and humidity. Underlayment also serves as a sound barrier, water barrier and temperature barrier for high quality premium laminate flooring. If underfloor have any minor imperfections, quality underlayment corrects them.

premium lamiante flooring

Premium laminate flooring is made in many colours, decors, sizes and thicknesses

If you compare laminate flooring which we offer, you can see that they differ in many features. From colours, decors, surface finishes to thickness, sizes of tiles. Different sizes of quality laminate flooring allow clients to create patterns which emphasize rooms. Thickness of tiles doesn`t always determine their durability. It only shows from how many layers tiles are made. Durability depends on thickness of top layer and material used for top layer of laminate tiles. We have almost limitless laminate flooring choices. Our collection of high quality laminate flooring is chosen to suit clients with different need and wishes. All our high quality laminate flooring has warranty but it has to be installed professionally to guarantee high performance and expected life span.

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