Prefabricated modular office buildings

REM Modular system

Prefabricated modular office buildings as produced by REM mark a new development in the construction of office spaces. Our prefabricated modular units are standardized, can be easily assembled and dismantled anywhere and are additionally customizable. The prefabricated modular building units are supported by steel structures and include panelling, which is complemented by standard built-in electrical appliances and sanitary installations. The REM modular office units pertain to the highes standards in energy efficiency and sustainable materials. The discrete and natural designs encourage a homely feeling and they are well insulated against temperature and sound disturbances. Increasingly workers are opting for flexible working patterns, which are assured by the modular office accommodation as developed by REM. In this way, new technologies are effortlessly integrated into working spaces, and innovative working processes, such as creativity and inclusive leadership, are used for aiming at higher productivity and more wellbeing at work. Our company has grown from a small family-oriented business into a growing manufacturer of modular office solutions that is recognised at international scale. Our clients trust us and value our personalized approach. Being a user-centred enterprise, we always strive to respond to your needs and provide a personalized solution to your needs.

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