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Structural rigidity is key for safety, and relatively easily achieved in a modular building. However, in order to keep a portable building light weight and easy to move, state of the art technology must be used. Keeping the whole thing as light as possible, yet durable, is a main challenge for manufacturers. Finding the balance between costs, weight and strength is never easy and can differ per project, structure and unit. The unique design used on the modular units makes them strong by themselves, as well as rigid under load and combinable to one big structure. Like building blocks for children, these units can be taken apart and rearranged easily, stimulating creative solutions and ideas.

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Choosing the best materials is key

With regards to location, purpose and climate the materials need to be chosen, treated and processed with utmost care. Securing longevity and durability, investing in the right combination of well treated materials with correct processing will pay out more than anyone could have ever imagined. Many experts in this field may tell you different stories on how to go about this, but we feel it is crucial to inform oneself and make sure that the right decisions are made along the path. Many factors can influence your choices, but if financial arguments will persuade you to choose sub optimal base materials, you might be worse off later on in the project or lifespan of the structure may be reduced significantly.

Possible materials include:

-Sandwich panels

-Timber frames

-Wooden frames

-Steel frames

-Concrete slabs


Taking into consideration the climate in the opted vicinity of the premises, the best treatment methods for the materials may be picked. Different materials and protection methods suit different purposes and can serve other goals. Choosing the best treatment can save the bank throughout the entire lifespan of the building. Some of the best available treatment methods are:

– (Powder) coating

– Lacquering

– Painting

– Anodizing

– Chemical coating

– Galvanizing

One of the favourites is the combination of light steel structures with wood and tiles, as the production costs and waste are minimal. Also maintenance and upkeep can be close to zero, if the materials are correctly treated according to the weather influences and purpose with the specific stress of usage. When wear and tear can be reduced, more sensitive materials like wooden floors may also be recommended. In most cases however, steel structures be ideal no matter what combination is further desired. Structural rigidity and dimensional accuracy is always spot on with the use of steel. Where wood may rot, bend or crack and where concrete cracks and crumbles, steel is flexible and dimensionally accurate, keeping your building true to form. Other materials may also be chosen, but could require more attention when maintaining the building on the long run.

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Combining materials is often crucial, but needs to be done smartly

The answer is often a combination of several materials, each with their own specific treatment. Costs may vary hugely, but in some sensitive spots you would never want to save on any of the material or protection costs. The exterior and floors need to be rigid and waterproof in nearly all cases. The right type of isolation can be crucial too, taking the local weather and seasons into account to assure year round comfort in your new building. Prefab buildings can be used for a huge variety of purposes, from housing to manufacturing. Traditional building styles that use concrete and brick can now easily be replicated, and even beaten, by prefabricated structures. Saving on building time and construction costs, as well as potential savings on permits, design and approvals, the prefabricated building industry is taking over rapidly. Find out for yourself what this wonderful concept can offer your home, business or public building project and get informed by the experts. No doubt you will find a tailor solution at a more then fair rate.

Existing prefabricated buildings that are for sale need close inspection before purchase, if you haven’t been closely involved with the building process, we recommend consulting an expert before making any decisions. Older generations of prefab structures may need more attention than the eye would believe at first sight. As these buildings are able to age rather slowly, they might look good as new at first. This is off course a huge benefit once you own it, but proper documentation needs to be present if you ever by a used one to make sure the deal is fair and honest. Many parties have already collaborated with us to full satisfaction so don not hesitate to ask about our impressive track record in prefabricated buildings that are for sale. We are ready for answering any questions, and informing about all the wide and wild possibilities.

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