Portable office buildings – movable and inexpensive working facilities

Portable office buildings are designed to be transported from one location to another, depending on the specific needs of the work that needs to be done. They were primarily introduced as an alternative to permanent structures both in price and flexibility. Because solid buildings are immovable and cannot be transported, very little variability is offered – and portable office buildings such as in-plant offices can be moved wherever the working facility is. Portable office storages are also great for temporary events, where offices have to be fast erect and quickly put in use.

Mobile office spaces are the best solutions for on-site work

Mobile offices are extremely useful (and therefore most commonly found) on construction sites, where a temporary office unit is placed for a limited period of construction work, and then demounted later. They are also largely used by car rentals, parking lots and customs, and businesses that call for affiliations for dislocated work, where mobile units can be used for a longer period. Usually simple portable office containers are used for this purposes, which are inexpensive and not demanding when it comes to regular maintenance. Another solution is a mobile office trailer, which can have more features and are much more permanent option, since the trailer doesn`t require demounting process once the work is done – it can be easily attached to the back of a lorry and placed anywhere needed.

Portable office buildings equipment

What are the other most commonly found portable office ideas?

More sophisticated portable office buildings can be used for work where more social contact is involved. Portable units are widely used for educational purposes – portable classrooms are one of the most reliable solutions for large student groups` accommodation and overcrowding relief. Urgent medicine also relies on portable office buildings, which are very practical for instant patient treatments when medically equipped. Portable ideas are also found in industrial objects, which can be arranged by connecting several portable office containers into a functional whole.

Portable office equipment – the key to a successful mobile office

Modern portable solutions require adequate office equipment, which can be applied to the conditions of a dynamic mobile office space. So what should this equipment be like? First of all, it has to be fully mobile, easy to set-up and transport. Energetic independency is also highly desirable, which is why portable office kits occasionally include an independent power supply. Portable office equipment is widely used in terminals, bank offices, guest rooms and outdoor venues, where high working flexibility is required. Many portable offices come in a DIY kit with all the belonging supplies, and can be ready for use in a couple of hours.

Choose REM for quality portable office buildings and containers

We deliver reliable, functional and modern-designed portable solutions at affordable prices, which are guaranteed to improve your business operations. We are one of the leading European prefab manufacturers, offering everything from a small portable office containers to large modular buildings. We combine modular construction methods with traditional solid-architecture details for an appealing vision and improved performance of our products. Besides our regular supply of buildings and containers as fundamental portable office spaces, we also have a great supply of secondary portable units and equipment. Our product line is very cost-rational – don`t miss our used portable office building occasions to get best bargain anywhere.

Portable office containers ideas

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