Pallet racking systems

Pallet racking systems are part of modern warehouses, they allow deposit of full pallets and crates and empty crates. Loading and unloading of industrial racking systems can be robotized or it can be done manually with forklifts. Industrial racking systems are screw mounted and are easy to assembly. They have adjustable grids with size 200 mm, standard rack height is 1800 mm. Racking system in depot can accommodate up to 9 shelves which are 200 mm apart. Racks have two depths: 430 mm and 550 mm. Rack lengths vary between 600 and 1900 mm. Their weight capacity is 200 kg and it has to be distributed evenly. Industrial racking systems have extensions with additional racks and reinforcement of angles. Nieros also produces special crate and pallet racking systems which are suitable for cold depositories. Racking system is also suitable for commission rooms in industry, commerce and trade.

Pallet racking systems

Industrial pallet racking system can be gravitational, pick and place or fully automated

Nieros produces pallet racking systems for full pallets and crates which are gravitational, pick and place and fully automated. Gravitational systems are perfect solution for production areas with limited storing space and small capacity needs. Taking advantage of gravitation, full euro crates and pallets move along the rollers while following FIFO method which means first in, first out. There are two options of gravitational warehouses: gravity flow shelving model and semi – robotized gravity – flow model. Gravity – flow shelving model allows manual deposit and retrieval of full euro crates and pallets up to five levels. It is suitable for warehouses with small capacity but with enough space for product picking and weighing. Semi – robotized gravity flow model of gravitational warehouses allows robotized loading and unloading of full pallets and euro crates 30 meters in length and up to 6 meters in height. Model is monitored digitally with RFID destination tracking which is barcode system. Model can be completely customized to meet all client’s needs. Pick and place gravitational industrial racking systems are designed for warehouses with small capacity need and substantial to heavy duty loads. For transportation of full euro crates and pallets special robots are used. They transport items from one location to their designated place on rack. Every load is traceable by barcode which is assigned for the purpose of systematic stock control. Nieros fully robotized pick and place method, increases efficiency, solves ergonomic issues, reduces operating costs and at the same time keeps the level of hygiene in compliance with standards such as HACCP, NSF and IFS. Automated storage systems for warehouses is suitable for production areas with substantial deposit needs. They can be installed without any structural changes to building. Robotized industrial racking systems can be 6 – 12 meters high and up to 30 meters long. They are made of stainless steel or aluminium. Pallet racking systems have multiple entry and exit points, which are fully monitored by barcode destination tracking. They feature simple and accurate order picking with FIFO method. They not only provide easy traceability but also provide accurate, effective and quick stock control. Capacity of industrial racking systems is 300 cycles per hour. Compact and robust stainless-steel racking construction allows maximum space utilization and simple maintenance. Experts from Nieros help to design the optimal solution for robotized depot process, which is custom made to meet client’s requirement.

Pallet racking systems are made for production areas with substantial capacity

Pallet racking systems for empty crates and pallets are automated and specially designed for various production areas which need substantial capacity while focus on strict hygienic demands of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Flexible configuration of units allows full customization according to client needs and can be additionally increased if necessary. Maximum speed of pallet and crate transportation is up to 25m/min. Standard size of these pallet racking systems is 40 rows with 8 items in every row. Systems also allow display and printout of operational data.

Industrial racking systems

Warehouse storage systems offer various solutions to provide deposit for pallets, crates

Warehouse storage systems feature inclusive incoming, deposit and order picking solutions in order to simplify processes and to provide quick and easy deposit of full or empty pallets, crates, boxes and other items while maintaining order with reliable and accurate inventory control. Nieros offers solutions which can be fully customized and expert help with organizing and utilizing depository space in a way that every stored item can be easily traced and quickly accessible at all time. Nieros is well aware of significance of economical and rational use of time and space, which is why depository facilities always operate on FIFO principle which ensures the best maximum quality. Industrial storage systems can be operated manually or automatically, they are user friendly and promoting work tasks of employees for better productivity. Because depository is precisely planned and because It works with advanced technology, it is easy to clean and because of that hygiene conditions are improved.

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