Charcoal pizza oven for better taste

Charcoal pizza oven for saleCharcoal pizza oven offers a real culinary climax. No matter if you’re a restaurant owner or a layman cook, a high-quality outdoor charcoal pizza oven will improve your pizzas and enrapture your guests. For long it has been believed that charcoal ovens only serve to prepare grilled meats, fish and vegetables, but with the innovative ideas and new technologies the charcoal bbqs with pizza oven took another step forward. Now you can use them to prepare a variety of tasty dishes and if you choose a charcoal grill with pizza oven, you can also use them for preparing this traditional and popular Italian food.

Benefits of outdoor charcoal pizza oven

There are numerous benefits of an outdoor charcoal pizza oven, among them:

  • faster preparation: charcoal oven temperatures are much higher and for making pizza, this is an important factor; real Neapolitan pizza is prepared in only 60–90 seconds, all thanks to charcoal pizza oven’s high temperatures;
  • crunchy crust: with high temperatures of an outdoor charcoal pizza oven the crust bakes fast, while it remains crunchy and wonderful;
  • juicy topping: another benefit of a fast preparation is juiciness – if we prepare pizza in an original charcoal pizza oven, the topping will be cooked through and through, but will still retain the natural moistness;
  • fantastic cheese crust: by preparing pizza in an outdoor charcoal pizza oven, the cheese will form a wonderful crust, but it won’t be over burnt;
  • special experience: charcoal pizza oven offers a unique experience, where your guests, family or friends can be a part of the preparation. Each can top their own pizza the way he or she likes it and can observe while it’s being baked;
  • outdoor cooking: with an outdoor charcoal pizza oven you can take your cooking outside, and what’s better than spending a weekend outside, surrounded by hungry guests, who will appreciate every minute of the preparation and savour each tasty bite?

Outdoor charcoal pizza oven priceWhere to buy charcoal pizza oven?

If you’re looking for a charcoal pizza oven for sale, we advise you to choose quality. Charcoal bbq with pizza oven is an investment and should be treated as such. You’ll gain a high-quality kitchen appliance, which will last you for years, and also an option to spice up your everyday life. At Kopaoven we only offer the charcoal pizza ovens of highest quality and also emphasize the appeal of the design. With beauty, quality and excellence, offered at Kopaoven, you can’t really go wrong.

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