Nieros warehouse racking systems for optimum use of storage space

Our warehouse racking systems are produced in line with the valid EU standards and regulations. In line with the latest technological innovation, Nieros warehouse management systems are the top-end of automated warehouse systems, available at the market today. Businesses and companies need high-quality modular solutions, which our storage racking systems can provide. We understand the needs of different industries. For optimal storage, it is important that the products are stored at the right temperature and moisture content. Important criteria besides temperature include air velocity and the relative humidity. In certain sectors, the product must neither dry out nor be too moist. Industrial storage solutions must accommodate a huge variety of shapes and sizes, carry heavy loads, and withstand the rigors of the industrial environment. Nieros offers variable systems that can be used even in the most demanding applications. No matter which is your industry branch, we invite you to get accustomed with our automated material handling systems. Contact us through the website, vie email or telephone for a personalized offer. With years of experience and advanced technical knowledge, we value personalized contacts and will be happy to serve you with a customized offer.

automated warehouse system

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