Material handling equipment for more efficient work in the company

Transport of different material and equipment is on a rise with the development of many different industries. In Nieros, we are producing different material handling equipment to make things in your company easier and more efficient.

Industrial hygiene equipment Nieros

Transport equipment designed by Nieros comes with different benefits

All of our material handling equipment come with various of benefits. First of all, our material handling equipment assures safer and easier working conditions. Furthermore, productivity and workflow are increased. There is low injury risk and labour costs are also reduced. Additionally, due to the in-house production, third party quality control is almost always present, consequently, products are made from the best materials and build-in parts and are very long lasting.

There are three different types of material handling equipment available in Nieros:

  • Industrial lifting equipment is a convenient and ergonomic lifting solution designed to lift different load classes to a height of up to 6 metres for further handling, tilting, dosing or stacking and retrieving. Nieros manufacture various of lifting devices for efficient handling of different load classes. There is also double safety system implemented into our lifting systems. It consists of consisting of Nieros safety lock, hold & work principle and soft stop & start function. This safety system enables gentle lifting without any thrust or vibration and prevent any abrupt movements or swings of the elevated load, protecting the unit from damage. Its robust and innovative design, coupled with all the safety features, provides a safe work environment, significantly reducing the risk of injury and time spent on handling the load, which, in turn, results in high productivity and reduced labour costs.
  • Tipping and Tilting Equipment enables easy, quick and safe material handling such as dosing, emptying, cleaning and weighing to achieve superior performance and impeccable hygiene. Tipping and tilting equipment is mostly constructed from stainless steel and other quality components that all come from Europe. With the great design and high-quality materials used when building the equipment, it is the answer to all high-risk production areas with low ceilings in pursuit of efficient and safe handling of euro bins, various tanks and containers, boxes and barrels with different contents. Additionally, in tipping and tilting equipment is also implemented the double safety system which will ensure safe transport of the product.
  • Transportation Equipment: there are manual and battery-operated transportation equipment used to lift cargo to the desired working height available. With our transport equipment boxes, pallets and container can be handled and transported to different locations. Nieros transportation equipment is indispensable in any production area aiming at lowering the physical demands of manual work tasks and creating a smooth workflow yet complying with the strictest hygienic demands.

Material handling equipment designed by Nieros represents comprehensive solutions for lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, applicable to a wide range of production processes to create time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials. Every lifting device can be adopted to the customers’ needs and so it can be fully mobile to be used in various working environments for multiple work tasks.

Industrial material handling equipment

Transport equipment is easily integrated with other Nieros solutions

Nieros transport systems are designed so that are easily integrated with other Nieros products, such as hygiene and industrial washing equipment. Enabling a smooth flow of materials along the production line, Nieros material handling equipment provide quick and easy storage of full and empty crates, pallets, boxes, cartons and other cargo.

Industrial hygiene equipment is also available in Nieros

In Nieros, we are not only producing material handling equipment but also industrial hygiene solutions. You can choose from different equipment, such as hand cleaning stations, footwear cleaning stations, industrial washing equipment and other industrial hygiene equipment needed. All of our industrial hygiene systems solutions are in compliance with highest standards demanded worldwide. Furthermore, all of product are made from stainless steel which makes the equipment easy to clean and maintain. Our industrial hygiene equipment, hygiene stations and hygiene systems maintain a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process. You can choose from different types of industrial cleaning equipment:

  • Hygiene stations,
  • Footwear cleaning,
  • Hand cleaning,
  • Equipment cleaning,
  • Boot dryers,
  • Changing room equipment,
  • Low-pressure cleaning systems.

Do you want to know more about material handling equipment and industrial lifting eqipment? Visit our web site and take a look at various product for transport of the equipment as well as higiene solutions designed by Nieros. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you via phone or email.

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