The diversity of logistical solutions offered by Nieros

Smart and sustainable business requires fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable intralogistics and material handling solutions to help you manage your internal production processes as economically as possible. In Nieros, we are offering just that. Our logistic solutions are practical, long-lasting and customer friendly. Our customers can choose between different industrial logistic systems – from transport systems, food processing lines, material handling devices and warehouse systems. All of our logistic solutions are designed to simplify work processes, boost productivity and reduce workplace injuries.

Logistic management system Nieros

There are different types of logistics solutions available now a days

Also, all of Nieros logistic solutions can be easily incorporated with other Nieros products, such as hygiene and industrial washing units. In the area of logistics solutions, we offer various of products:

  • Total Intralogistics and Material Handling Solutions: it is designed for the special needs demanded in food processing industry and it includes: transport systems, food processing lines, material handling equipment, and warehouse systems solutions. Production is cost and time effective, also production lines are rationalized as well as effective digital monitoring for time-cost optimization is included. These logistic solutions ensures maximum space utilization and contain user friendly interface. Last but not least, it is in compliance with the highest quality requirements and hygiene stand
  • Transport Systems: are modular, enabling smooth and optimized material flow to any production industry transporting materials along the production line. In Nieros we will help you plan, design and implement fully customized transport systems that will correspond to your specific needs and objectives, industry, technology and production process specifics as well as to the size of your production area. The capacity of this logistic solution is high and the use of space in the production area is economical.
  • Food Processing Lines: food processing industry is a delicate and intense area where also raw materials have to be handled with great care in order to comply with the highest quality and hygiene standards. With raw material handling the risk of food poisoning is very high, so the highest hygiene standards must be assured. With all this, the process also needs to be cost- and time-efficient, ensuring the material flows as smoothly through the shortest number of phases as possible while minimizing food waste. With Nieros logistic solutions for food processing industry all of these goals can be accomplished. Nieros food processing line solutions minimize food contamination risk and conform to the requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Last but not least, all our products are produced in-house and made from high-quality stainless steel to meet the highest quality requirements.
  • Material Handling Equipment: represents comprehensive solutions for lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, applicable to a wide range of production processes to create time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials. These logistic solutions come with many different benefits. First of all – working conditions are safer and easier. Also, productivity and workflow are increased. Moreover, the risk of injury is low and labour costs are reduced. Last but not least, mostly material handling equipment is made from stainless steel, which makes equipment easy to clean and maintain. This firm design also ensures long life span of this logistic solution.
  • Warehouse Systems: warehouseing and logistics goes together hand in hand. In Nieros we are producing different warehouse systems solutions with a great traceability system implemented into the warehouse system, so any product can be easily found all around the warehouse. Operated automatically or manually, every Nieros warehouse system is user-friendly and ergonomic in design, facilitating work tasks of all your employees to increase productivity. Furthermore, the space utilisation in our automated logistic system is optimal, as well as inventory control is simple and accurate.

Logistics solutions are in compliance with highest standards worldwide

All of our logistics management systems are in compliance with highest required standards and can thus be used in companies all around the world. With Nieros logistics solutions order picking will be quick and efficient as well as working process will be humanized. The configuration of logistics management systems can be adopted to any of our customers’ needs. Last but not least, all of our logistic solutions are in compliance with every other product we produce and are thus easily integrated into other lines in a variety of industries.

industrial logistic systems

You can read more about logistic solutions on our web site

Do you need more information about our industrial logistic systems? Visit our web site and take a look at logistic management systems we can build for you. We are not only offering standard logistic solutions, but also tailor-made system solutions for any kind of industry. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information when needed.

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