Our hygiene systems and industrial equipment are made of stainless-steel

Our hygiene systems are perfect solution for all industries, especially for food processing industry where highest hygiene standards have to be met. Industrial hygiene equipment which we produce in the house is made of high quality stainless-steel. Therefore, it is very durable, reliable and has a long-life span. Smooth surface is very easy to clean, it is resilient to scratches and it can be thoroughly sanitized. It is user friendly, cost effective and sustainable. Our company has been established in 1773 and since then we have grown into a large customer-oriented company which is renounced for high quality products and excellent customers service and support. We are present in more than 30 countries all around the world and are considered as trustworthy business partners.

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Footwear cleaning machines are one of hygiene systems we produce in house

One of our hygiene systems are footwear cleaning machines. They guarantee quick and efficient cleaning solution of all kinds of footwear upon entering or exiting production area. We produce them in various cleaning-line lengths with different types of brushes. Some are suitable for cleaning soles or sides or even entire footwear. We can offer hygiene solutions with fully customized cleaning machines according to client’s requirements. Sole cleaning machines are available in five different models. Model DR is the best solution for companies with considerable number of personnel. We produce it in two versions regarding brushes that differ in height. It is sensor activated, height adjustable, it has automatic dosage of sanitizer and easy to change brushes with no tools needed. Model SR S is wall mounted and has a horizontal brush for efficient cleaning of soles. It is activated with a push button, cleaning process can be adjusted depending on a level of dirt with energy consumption kept to a minimum. It can be wall mounted or self-standing unit. Model SR C has two types of brushes for cleaning footwear. Upper horizontal brush is for cleaning the front part of footwear and bottom brush us for cleaning soles. Duration of cleaning process is 3 seconds which makes this machine very efficient solution. Sole cleaner SR SB has a bottom horizontal brush for cleaning the soles and a brush for manual cleaning. This machine is in compliance with highest hygiene standards like HACCP, NSF and IFS. Model M has hygienic design with smooth surface, it is height adjustable and easy to use. Two bottom side brushes are for cleaning both sides of footwear, additional hand brush enables adjustment of cleaning process.

We are hygiene equipment manufacturers of different types of boot cleaning machines

We are hygiene equipment manufacturers of boot cleaning systems which are produced in 4 different models. Model DR B6 and H6 are suitable for high and low work boots. They ensure fast and efficient cleaning of footwear on entering or exiting points of production area. Boots are cleaned with two horizontal brushes for soles and four side brushes for cleaning sides of footwear. Whole cleaning process in this system is completed in 5 seconds. Model SR V 300 is a perfect solution for production areas where clean footwear is very important. One horizontal brush for cleaning the soles and two vertical brushes for cleaning the sides complete the process in 3 seconds. Brushes are easy to change, no tool is needed. There are many add-on units to combine with machines basic version. Boot cleaner DR V can be used as an individual unit or it can be combined with other machines. For quick and easy clean of boot edge there are three vertical rotating brushes which are sprayed with sanitizer. Model DR 400 V also has two horizontal brushes for cleaning soles and three vertical brushes sprayed with sanitizer for sides. Machine is activated with push button and enables adjustment of cleaning process depending on level of dirt. System keeps energy consumption to minimum. Footwear cleaner SR N is available in two options: as wall mounted and self-standing unit. It has bottom horizontal brush for soles and sides of footwear.

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Hygiene systems which are necessary in food processing industry are hand hygiene stations

Beside footwear hygiene, hand hygiene is also very important. We offer hand hygiene stations which guarantee optimal hygiene levels at production entry and exit points. Cleaning stations are especially important in food processing industry where strict standards HACCP, NSF and IFS have to be met within food processing technology. Hygiene systems are designed for handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes. With disinfection units, walk-through brush cleaner for footwear and turnstile control system, they are highly efficient, quick and cost-effective. Single or double lane systems allow passage of different number of personnel. Single lane systems are usually used in smaller companies, with smaller number of employees. Because of their smaller size, systems can be used in rooms with restricted available space. In companies with large number of employees, double or triple lane machines are the right choice. With maximum capacity of 20 – 30 persons per minute, they are very efficient solution.

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