Logistics and warehousing

For logistics and warehousing we have designed industrial systems which are fully customized to meet client needs and requirements. They are produced to increase productivity, reduce and eliminate various work injuries and shorten work processes. Covering all logistic and material handling processes which include transport, loading, food cutting and sorting, labelling, order picking, storage, our solutions assure optimized material flow in accordance with high hygiene standards like HACCP, IFS, ISO. Logistic management system of transport can be simple or fully automatic including computer-controlled warehouse management system. It accomplishes remarkable performance to save money and time, which is especially important in food processing business. For better productivity and for effective transportation, good material flow planning is needed. All items have to be conveyed along transportation lines smoothly and quickly.

Logistic and warehousing systems are crucial when it comes to transportation needs

We produce three types of logistic industrial systems of transport: box, pallet box, crates and ibc container transporters, product transporters, modular transporters. They are modular and can be easily integrated with hygiene and industrial washing units. For smooth flow of materials along the production line, we offer manual, semi-automated and fully automated logistic warehousing solutions. They provide fast and simple storage of empty and full stacking containers, crates, boxes, pallets cartons and other cargo, assuring order integrity with accurate and stable inventory control for best product quality and highest hygiene standards. Transporters of crates, boxes and ibc containers provide quickest and shortest material flow in production area. Transporting conveyors can be organized in multiple levels, following ergonomic regulations and strict hygiene standards. Product transporters are designed to create maximum income with minimum work effort. Because of their ergonomic design, they ensure high work comfort which means better productivity. Developed for processing all kind of food products, flexible transport solutions are the best choice for food processing industry. Transporters are made of stainless-steel so they are strong, easy to clean and durable. Modular transporters can be assembled according to client needs, it can combine various transport lines like conveyor belts in many sizes and materials, such as vertical S-type transporter for lifting materials to different levels, manual or driven roller transporters, vertical crate transporters, slat belt or multilevel horizontal conveyors.

Automated logistic system

Logistic and warehousing solutions also include various material handling equipment

Logistic solutions for transporting, tilting, lifting different sized loads from 50 to 1000kg, is our material handling equipment. Industrial logistic systems are useful in many production processes and are very helpful in many businesses like chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry and many more. Material handling equipment is made of sturdy stainless-steel and is long lasting. It achieves highest safety and hygiene standards because it is super easy to clean. Lifting equipment manages various types of loads up to 6 meters. They can be equipped or customised with broad assortment of attachments to manage different kinds of boxes, bins and other packaging materials. Equipment for tilting and tipping is used for dosing, weighing, emptying and cleaning for achieving exquisite hygiene and best performance. For use in high risk production areas, they are the best logistic solution. Transportation equipment comes in handy when cargo has to be lifted to desired working height. They can be manually or battery operated. Pallets, boxes, containers of different sizes and shapes can be transported short or long distances within production facilities.

Automated logistic storage system

Logistic and warehousing solutions offer simple and fast storage processes

Nieros warehousing solutions are made for simplifying different storage processes. Designed for storage of full or empty crates, cartons, boxes, containers, they can be stored fast and easy while maintaining order coherence with reliable stock control. We offer three different warehousing solutions: gravitational, pick and place, fully automated. Warehousing solutions have to be chosen upon client’s storage capacity, facility and available space, type of products which have to be stored. Our warehousing solutions cover different productions stages from planning to service and repair. Based on client’s facilities, resources, storage requirements, they can choose between 4 modes of operation: manual operation, automatic charging/manual removal, manual charging/automatic removal, automatic charging/automatic removal. Gravitational warehousing system is perfect solution for companies which have small storage needs and limited storage space. With a help of gravity, crates travel along conveyors while following FIFO inventory principle. Warehousing gravitational system is available in two variations: gravity-flow shelving model which is manual storage and retrieval of crates in up to 5 levels and semi-automated gravity-flow model which is robotized loading/unloading of crates up to 6 meters in height and up to 30 meters in length. Automated logistics systems provide digitally monitored process with RFID destination tracking better known as barcode method. Other warehousing system is pick and place which is suitable for companies dealing with heavy loads and have small storage capacity needs. Specialized robots are transporting crates, pallets and other cargo from a location to the storage. It is using barcodes for items so they are easily traceable. Last warehousing system is fully automated and is best choice for companies with massive storage needs.

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