Modular school buildings

Modular school buildings are getting more and more popular now a days. Not only are modular school buildings very flexible, also their construction time is shorter and costs of modular school buildings are significantly lower than costs of building a stick-built building. Modular school buildings are also more flexible than stick-built schools. In addition, due to the third part quality control, the quality of production process is hardly questioned. Moreover, modular school buildings are also eco-friendly.
Modular school building by definition is a school building made out of no longer used shipping containers. This all sounds a bit weird at first. But in fact, modular school buildings come with many different advantages that are described in the following article.

Modular school buildings

Flexibility, low buildings costs and the green nature – the advantages of modular school buildings are many

First of all, modular school buildings are very flexible. They can be built of site and then brought to the spot when needed. Almost 95% of modular school building is assembled in factory. Consequently, construction of modular school building is faster and easier on spot. When brought to the spot, it usually takes just a few days and the building is finished. Because modular school buildings are built in a factory and delivered to site ready to go, the amount of waste and site disruption is also greatly reduced, making modular a more sustainable option than site built.
Furthermore, modular school buildings can be adapted exactly to the needs of the school. If they are no longer needed they can be easily destructed or brought to the other place, where they can be of use again.

High level of quality controlled ensures long lasting products

Additionally, modular school buildings are built in factories, where third party control is constantly provided. Consequently, high quality of modular school buildings is hardly questioned. Because modular school buildings are build off site, one have time to prepare a plot of land for the building. Once on spot, modular school building can be assembled within a few days. But not only that, if there are already other school buildings around, there will be no building site assembled and consequently no danger for the children that are attending school. Additionally, modular school buildings are built at least 50% faster than stick-built buildings. Not only that, also costs of modular school buildings are much lower than costs of stick-built buildings.

The green nature of modular school buildings

In addition, modular school buildings are also very “green”. They are built out of shipping containers that are no longer in use and would be burned otherwise. With burning shipping containers tones of energy and toxics gasses are produced. Some studies show that there are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 millions of them in use. So approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into modular school buildings, offices, homes or other types of modular buildings. For each recycled shipping container, we are reusing around 3,500kg worth of steel. We are also saving all of the traditional building materials (such as bricks, mortar and wood) which don’t need to be used.

Modular school buildings come with many different features that can be incorporated in a building

Furthermore, sustainable features can be added to modular school buildings. In modular school buildings passive features such as house orientation, good ventilation, insulation and shading, plus add-ons like solar power and grey water systems, are easily incorporated in the design and building stages.
Modular school design is also very flexible when coming down to modular school buildings. You can choose the exact design of modular school you’d like. With this you can influence on the space of the classrooms you need.

Modular school definition

Wide range of modular school buildings is available in REM

In REM, we are producing modular school buildings, made from high quality materials that ensure long life span of modular schools. Also, modular school buildings ensure enough space for many different activities. Costs of modular school buildings are affordable and materials of modular school buildings are durable and long-lasting.
But not only that, in REM we are also producing other types of modular buildings. One can choose from modular offices, modular storages and even modular homes. Modular homes are practically designed and offer lots of space that ensure luxurious and spacious living.
Visit our web site and take a look at the offer of modular construction schools and other modular buildings we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about modular school buildings or any other type of building we prepared for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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