Modular school buildings

Modular school

Modular school buildings have been on the rise for a few years now, with the trends growing in developing and developed countries alike. The modular school classrooms allow for open plain spaces and variable groups can be accommodated within upgradeable and flexible facilities. In education, open plain facilities allow for more space, which can be used for creative play. Teachers understand the significance of coordinated or free games, both inside the classroom and outside, for reinforcing the capacities for critical thinking. More authorities from all over the world are choosing green modular school buildings, which are characterized by high energy-efficiency and standardized cost predications, as based on prefabricated units with predictable costs. REM is one of the biggest modular buildings manufacturers in this part of Europe and has always been very user-centred. Our clients are increasingly convinced of the utility of modular buildings, which is proven by a vast number of schools, modular kindergartens and other modular buildings being built in all parts of Slovenia and beyond. We trust in personalized approaches and will always go out of our way to accommodate your particular wishes. Contact us through email, phone or in person, we are waiting.

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