Modular offices for sale

When building a new office or expanding just the existing one, it is always a question of time and money that plays the main roll when selecting a vendor. First of all, one has to decide between stick-built and modular offices. In REM we are offering modular offices for sale. Modular offices are made out of shipping containers and come with many different advantages.

modular offices for sale

Modular offices for sale come with many advantages, thus they are getting more and more popular

First of them is their budget-friendly nature. Modular offices for sale are more than 50% cheaper than stick-built offices. Also, they are built much quicker than stick-built buildings. First of all, there is no need to set the building site, because modular office for sale are built in-house. Furthermore, inclement weather has a big impact on building times of stick-built buildings, but because modular homes are built in a factory, the building remains on schedule no matter how wet and wild the weather is.

Because modular offices for sale are built in-house, constant third par quality control is provided and consequently high quality of the product is hardly questioned. With the in house building there comes yet another advantage – there is no problem if the plot of land is not ready yet (for example if electric or water installation are missing). One can get the land ready when the modular office is being manufactured. When brought on the spot, modular office for sale can be assembled within days. Another advantage of building in the factory is that construction times are never delayed because of mad weather. Inclement weather can have a big impact on building times on conventional sites, but because modular offices are built in an inside, the building remains on schedule no matter how wet and wild it is outside.

The green nature of modular offices for sale

Not only are costs of modular office for sale budget friendly and the construction time is short, also they are very ”green”. Modular office systems are made from shipping containers that are no longer in use and would be destroyed otherwise. Some studies showed that there are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of them in use. In addition, for each recycled shipping container, we are reusing around 3,500kg worth of steel. But not only that, we are also saving all of the traditional building materials (such as bricks, mortar and wood) which don’t need to be used.One must not forget that also sustainable features are easily added to modular offices for sale. In modular office systems passive features such as house orientation, good ventilation, insulation and shading, plus add-ons like solar power and grey water systems, are easily incorporated in the design and building stages. With these, one can make the office even more green and energy efficient.

modular office systems

The flexibility of modular offices for sale allows you to design modular office of your dreams

When designing your dream office, flexibility is of a great importance. You want the finished product to be exactly right for you. Generally speaking, modular builders are more flexible in design than conventional builders. Modular builders will offer a range of office designs before taking the time to work with you on your own brief so you can achieve the best possible outcome – one that suits your needs and your site 100%.

Different modular offices for sale suitable for different environments are available in REM

In REM we are producing high-quality modular offices for sale that offer lots of space for the stuff and the production. The design of modular office is practical as well as spacious. Modular office systems can be placed in almost any environment. Due to the low building costs of modular office quick assembling time, flexibility and the green nature, this type of offices are getting more and more popular every day.
In REM, we are also offering modular office for sale with storages. But not only that, one can also choose from a variety of other modular buildings made from high-quality materials. There are modular warehouses and storages available, as well as modular homes that offer lots of space for luxurious and gracious living. We are also manufacturing modular schools that are especially useful when pre-built school needs to expand. Modular school buildings can be used as classrooms, dinning rooms and even as gymnasium.
Visit our web site and take a look at a variety of choice we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about modular office for sale or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information.

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