What is modular construction method and what are prefabricated buildings made from?

Modular construction is a method differing from other methods of building. There is no exact definition of modular construction, but basically it is module sections are constructed at an off site facility, then delivered to the intended site of use. Complete construction of the prefabricated sections is completed on site.

Great flexibility and eco-friendly nature of modular construction methods

Modular construction method is very popular now a days due to the extreme flexibility and eco-friendly nature of the building process. Modular construction method ensures that facility can be easily moved from one place to another without bigger costs. So if you decide to move your facility, this is not a problem anymore, it will only take a few days and you will have your modular construction building at new location.

Modular construction method has even more advantages. For example, modular construction costs are much lower than costs of building stick-built buildings. In addition, time needed for assembling modular construction is much shorter then time needed to construct stick built-building.

Materials used in modular construction are mostly shipping containers that are no longer in use. If not used in modular construction methods, those shipping containers would be burned and in this process many toxic gasses would be realised in the atmosphere. So instead of burning them, we decided to use them as the main material in modular construction.

Moreover, all of our prefabricated buildings are built in house, where third party control is provided which ensures high quality standards and long life span of prefabricated buildings.

Modular construction methods REM

Different types of modular construction buildings are available in REM

In REM there are many types of prefab buildings available. You can choose from prefabricated offices and storages, to warehouses, schools and even prefabricated homes. All of our modular construction methods are of the highest quality and have a great flexibility. Also, their life-span is long.

Are you looking for some great ideas fro your future prefabricated home or office building? Visit our web site and get inspired about solutions we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about our modular construction methods, please check our web site or contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information when needed.

Modular construction definition materials

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