Are modular buildings constructions of the future?

Modular homes or so called modular buildings are houses or buildings that are prefabricated and they entail sections which are mostly repeated-we call them modules. In order to understand the meaning of the word modular, we need to take a look at where does the building of those buildings start. Sections of modular buildings are constructed away from the building site. After all measurements and plans are made, buildings are constructed and done and they are brought to the planned area, whether that be a residential home, office or some other multipurpose building. Finished modular construction, if done correctly and with good materials has same or even higher quality and built standard as a regular building or home that we all know of. Modular buildings are getting more and more use every day all over the world and advantages are many. It is fair to say that they can be constructions of the future.

modular construction

Why choose modular construction over traditional construction?

Let us all be honest. The traditional way of constructing and traditional construction model is not efficient enough. These project cost a lot of money, they require a lot of time to plan and execute, the quality of build is not involving fast and good enough. Bottom of it all, it is a burden to owners and investors.

modular building systems

On the other hand:

Modular construction takes approximately 50% less of time to finish-Think of the faster return of the investment for stakeholders and easier planning of the whole project.
Modular building systems have less impact on the environment-50% less emissions, they are also cheaper in a long run and have all together lower costs for maintenance and upgrades.
Better quality of built is attained trough building the constructions inside the factory, where environment is controlled and safe. Same goes for workers, these systems produce much safer and pleasant working environment.

Is Modular construction good idea for my business?

If you are in hospitality business, owning hotels, restaurants and similar businesses modular construction brings a huge benefit. Same goes with bigger stores, office buildings or even hospitals. Commercial sector is definitely harvesting big benefits in modular construction sector. In Europe, modular prefabricated homes are also gaining more and more importance and it seems that it will be like that also in the future. Looking at it from many points of view, modular building systems are here to stay and they can and probably will change the whole building sector entirely. Now it is mostly on you at what time will you jump on that bandwagon.

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