Mobile portability

Mobile portability plays a highly decisive role in consumers’ choices of how they see mobile operators. The mobile number portability is increasingly becoming the norm in today’s telecommunications markets, whereby flexibility and variability of supply direct on what the decisions of clients will be. Therefore, it must be in every telecommunications operator’s interest to be a flexible and speedy in this regard as possible. What is more, regulators need to keep track of mobile portability with reliably systems and IT solutions. This is not a self-evident fact, because despite many products available on the market, sometimes the supply of high-quality mobile portability frameworks is scarce. Therefore, a comprehensive system solution from Teletech is a welcome all-encompassing reply to the demands of consumers and operators alike.

mobile portability

Quadon: a mobile number portability solution with several strands

Knowing the complexity of the telecommunications markets around the globe, Teletech has developed solutions form mobile portability that are easily integrated into existing system. Quadon is a mobile portability framework solution that joins several strands directed towards easing the porting process for all actors. It is recommended to operators and regulators alike, with the possibility to opt fort he components that are most fitting to address the current needs and that are easily integrated into existing IT tools already being used. Mobile portability processes are ensured fast and seamlessly, thereby responding to consumers’ expectations. All Call Query (ACQ) with requests for information about the routing processes are enabled in real time, and apply for elements in core network and in IT systems, used for different SMS and VAS services as well as baking services. Large amounts of data can be transferred and processed in short spans of time.

Quadon consists of components that allow for porting processes but also upgradeable electronic archiving and emailing solutions that can be used complementary to the mobile portability processes. The links with the CRDB database (central reference database keeping track of all mobile number portability records) are also safeguarded.

As such Quadon is a most varied IT solution, developed in-house at Teletech, using all our expertise and decades of experience. We always work with the end-user in mind, which is a core value within our company.

Mobile number portability systems for local mobile number portability anywhere

Local mobile number portability demands differ around the globe. While now it is commonly recognised that a system for mobile portability is needed to address the regulatory obligations and consumers’ expectations, the time needed to execute the local mobile number processes in different countries varies between continents. Whatever the circumstances in your part of the world, Quadon framework is able to respond to each query and address each request in the shortest time possible, always ensuring the highest-level service at the best cost balance. All our portability solutions are aligned with the CDB permanently. All correct routing information is circulated between different ends of the chain and operators’ core systems are able to access and request information from Quadon. Various interfaces are used and supported, like: SMPP, ENUM, SIP, LDAP, ISUP, INAP, CORBA, WS-I (SOAP), REST, Telnet, HTTP, WS, SFTP, PL/SQL and SQL.

local mobile number portability

All our mobile number portability solutions are customizable

Because we have grown from a circle of software enthusiasts we believe that IT solutions need to be at the service of the end-user, the mobile number portability being no exception. Our programme developers have theoretical bases and training at recognised educational institutions which is complemented by the experience gained in working for the market for several years. With our philosophy of addressing the customers’ needs in a personalized and customizable way we have been able to ensure and expand the trust circle of our client base in Slovenia and beyond. Our references include telecom operators in several European and Pacific countries, as well as in Africa. We have local offices in three continents and are well aware of your local circumstances. All our solutions are modular and can be adapted to the demands of your market. Contact us through email or phone after checking our comprehensive offer on our website. We’ll be most happy to arrange a meeting in person or through virtual tools and discuss your specific needs with you. Trust our references and best practices developed over more than a decade. We want to keep on working with our customers and use the experience gained for even more comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

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