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Mobile portability allows clients to keep their mobile numbers if they switch telecommunications service providers. This also holds for changes of service providers, service types or if geographical location is moved. The main reason why mobile portability is important is the optimal ease of use and the cost. For hassle-free switching consumers will pay more if the price is still reasonable. The value of a good mobile portability solution cannot be overestimated. The reputation of a telecommunications provider depends on the speed of porting. That is why we have developed Quadon: a framework system which is designed to fit existing software solutions. Our clients from all over the world include regulators and operators alike. This mobile portability facility allows advantages for clients, as well as service providers. It is now commonly recognized that more mobile portability  has led o better conditions for consumers due to a decrease in prices. The operators recognize the advantages in a broader  client base. The porting as well as national rules can vary.

mobile portabilityEnsuring number portability: landline and mobile numbers

Without forgetting that number portability landline processes are important we must recognise that the mobile portability does define the bulk of switching processes in today’s global  telecommunications markets. The porting processes consist of several phases and they originate in competitive relations of various operators. That is why all operators have an interest in having a comprehensive mobile portability system at hand. To avoid excessive costs of software, our solution can be integrated into the existing programs used. We can claim to be ensuring an equal level field  for all players. The quadon solution is often used by regulators as well. This means that it is acceptable even for public actors. Our product is connected to other software pieces of this software puzzle. We have developed programs that ensure electronic email and a web-based application.

Quadon is a most comprehensive mobile number portability system

The first step to the need for a number portability (landline or mobile) system is the fact that users change their number. Operators and regulators need to keep track of those demands. A central reference database is set up for this purpose, with the national regulator maintaining it. This database needs to be accessible for all actors, while  still being linked to the usual business tasks of the regulator, like billing and provisioning.   Operators can keep our product cloud- or server-based. Installation and implementation of mobile portability demands agreements between the operator of the central database and other providers. Through this agreement any provider can access the central database. Updates are shared and exchanges of administrative information with other providers are facilitated. Our mobile number portability system also features upgradeable features, like an application for the web, ab electronic archiving system and also a registered mail software solution. This reduces the  need to buy excessive different software items and only use some parts. Our Quadon framework  marks a new phase in mobile number portability system development.  The rise in competition between different telecommunications players has led to a drop in prices, which is an advantage for the consumer.

The benefits of number portability justify the cost of number portability

While the cost of number portability used to be quite high, today’s regulations and competition mean that it is much lower. One of the biggest benefits of number portability is the time to switch and the seamless transfer of numbers. This results in client gain, thereby justifying the potential cost. Knowing that number portability can be between operators or from operator to  client, we must understand  the potential benefits for operators in longer and wider perspectives. Our mobile portability solution is used for operator or service provider number portability on local or mobile terms as well as non geographical porting which means porting of service numbers.  Another important feature is keeping the same number when changing service type. Peer-to-peer porting happens when two operators agree to cooperate on the switching process.  they need to They need to agree to use the number portability solution but can also use compatible software programs. The garden framework Is compatible to most of other programs used and as such extremely varied and widely usable. it can be upgraded and extended or integrated into existing frames.

Our telecommunications inspiration and experience stems from our own story. From a passionate startup in Slovenia we are growing into  an important market player in Central Europe. we aim for more recognition and will always consider your particular situation. Get in touch with us through phone comma email or in person. Do not hesitate to visit one of our field offices and join our happy client base across the globe. We will be happy to accommodate your specific need, regardless of your location or language.

mobile number portability system

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