Mobile office units – definition

Mobile office units REMMobile office units are prefabricated modular building units also known as MO (mobile office trailers). Modular office units are lightweight and compact and they satisfy all your on-site office needs. They are affordable, adaptable and practical, they can be easily transported from one location to the other. Mobile office units can function as temporary (portable office) or even permanent modular construction units in a number of cases. You can use them wherever you need some extra space – quickly and on the budget.

Common uses of modular office units

Modular office units can be installed for a number of reasons and practically anywhere, if we have enough space available – but since modular construction units come in various sizes, ensuring enough space usually presents no problem.

Mobile office units are most commonly used in:

  • construction: modular office units can be placed on any construction site or even in bigger halls and function as temporary offices for contractors/builders,
  • medical science: mobile office units can function as a lab, records/document storage and administrative offices in medical sciences,
  • government affairs: turning modular office units into administrative offices or document storage is more than easy. Besides that it’s also quick, practical, affordable and can be moved if necessary,
  • retail: mobile office units are often used as office and inventory overflow space,
  • education: green modular school buildings are more and more common, because they provide natural, healthy and unique educational space, where students can let their creativity grow.

Buy it or rent is?

You can get mobile office units for sale or rent. If you’ll need your modular office units short-term, renting might be a better option for you, if you’ll need them for a longer period, buying them is definitely a more economical alternative. REM is a company, which offers high quality, practical, aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge mobile office units for sale, so when you’re in need of mobile office units, they’re definitely a great choice.

Mobile office units and other modular buildings REM

At REM they don’t only offer mobile office units, you should also check out their other offer, for example green modular school buildings, modular apartment buildings, sanitary portacabins etc. If you need some extra space, have limited budget and not much time, plus if you really want to go green – modular office units and other modular buildings are choice for the future!

Modular office units for sale

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