Mobile number portability

Mobile number portability is a process which allows consumers to transfer their numbers of mobile or fixed telephones between operators.  At Teletech we have developed mobile portability solutions in terms of efficiency and efficacy geared at most success. We want to build systems of software solutions that allow flexibility of business and consumers alike. Our mobile number portability solutions are modular and integrated into existing systems. Cost balance and return of investment is assured. Our expert knowledge and rich experience help in bringing together the demands of today’s big business needs and flexibility of clients. Our mobile portability solution, Quadon, is a product developed in house based on years of field work and best practices. This premium solution allows for integrated functioning of several components and is designated to be used by operators, consumers and regulators.

Mobile number portability

Consumers value highly mobile number portability benefits

Mobile number portability benefits go beyond just being picky.  More and more countries now demand operators of mobile telecommunications to ensure mobile number portability. Benefits of this include switching between mobile operators to avoid changing mobile numbers. Mobile number portability also reduces costs of possible switching.  The mobile number portability benefit is increased through competition between operators. In this way telecommunications markets are open and monopoly is avoided. Consumers benefit by having a choice and paying less. While mobile number portability duration is varied in different countries, research shows that the most positive effect on consumers’ behavior is assured when switching takes less than 5 days. When porting takes more than 5 days, the benefits are reduced.

Quadon mobile portability procedure eases mobile number portability process

Quadon mobile portability procedure encompasses several components for easing the mobile number portability process. It consists of four components. The Quadon Gateway ensures easy communication between different end users. The central register database is kept by regulators in each country. This database can communicate with operators with the help of our software.  In this way we can keep track of all porting processes. The use is simple for operators and regulators alike, as the solution can be based either in physical servers or clouds. We have also developed mobile portability benefit solutions, compatible with this gateway. They form a comprehensive system under the trademark Quadon. This  includes a solution for electronic archiving, registering and stamping email and a web application. All of those components are built in-house and geared towards ensuring maximum flexibility and increased modularity. They are upgradeable  and scalable. Like this our mobile number portability solution is user-friendly and cost efficient to ensure business optimization.

Understand mobile number portability: how to do draw most clients?

To make most of it, operators need to understand mobile number portability: how to make sure to keep existing customers and draw new clients. It is important to realize that from the user’s perspective mobile portability has benefits and limitations. The cost is usually the main motivator for making the switch. It can also be that consumers will want to benefit from a specific offer or get a reduced price on a gadget. What is most important is the time and ease of process. Therefore you must understand that costs need to be kept at a minimum, while speed needs to be maximal. The administrative burden has to be low. You might need to invest into marketing and advertising because peer to peer talk and exchanges  can lead to misinformation.

Number portability benefits

The negative aspects include cost for the operator and investing into technologies needed, which can increase business cost. That is my our solution is conceived in such a way that you only pay what you need and insert individual components into your existing systems. Other limitations are linked to aspects outside of business. Criminal investigations often use mobile phones and SIM cards. It could be that these aspects will be impacted in the future. What is more prepaid card users lose all their remaining credit balance when switching operators.

We understand the modern business needs. As a business ourselves,  which has grown from a group of enthusiasts we are a market player and rapidly growing in the central European telecommunications space. We have received praise from actors across the globe and are based in several continents. Valuing a personalized approach, our  framework solution solution comes with the possibility of integrating only what you need. You can keep on using the same software solutions as before. We value your feedback and all of the insights that you can provide. Like this we can continue to improve our service and products. Contact us through our website or drop us a line. We will be very pleased to give you a personalized offer for addressing your porting needs.

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