Meat processing equipment from leading manufacturer is durable and user friendly

Meat processing systems is required all around the world. Due to the high risk of food contamination, when working with raw meat, highest hygiene standards must be assured alongside with high quality and durable meat processing systems in meat processing industry as well as in many other food-related industries.

Meat processing equipment manufactured by NIEROS are made from finest and most durable materials that require minimal maintenance, but offer safe and efficient work. Meat processing technology is safe and user-friendly. Mostly, our food processing solutions are made from stainless steel, which ensures long life-span of meat processing systems as well as easy and low-cost maintenance.

There are different types of industrial meat processing equipment available in NIEROS:

  • BINS AND CONTAINERS: are essential to food-safe, hygienic transport and storage. Industrial bins and containers are constructed from heavy-duty AISI type 304 stainless steel. They can be used in numerous of ways, furthermore, they are reliable and long lasting, complying with the highest food safety requirements while their multipurpose nature adds to a smooth workflow. Industrial bins manufactured by NIEROS are designed with a pouring lip at the bottom of the bin for ultimate hygiene during transport while their base is additionally reinforced with thick, tightly welded steel plate for stability and silent operation. Also, industrial mobile troughs and trolley bins play a decisive role in safe and quick transport of food products from one room to another, as well as industrial containers and stackable tanks, in turn, are perfect for storing large quantities of food before and after processing.
  • DESKS AND WORTABLES: are made from stainless steel and are indispensable to workstations in the food processing work area. They can be used as a cutting boards or worktop, each desk, worktable or chopping block is designed to serve a specific purpose. Furthermore, ergonomic design, additional undershelves and adjustable table feet ensure maintaining stability even on uneven surfaces, which make them highly functional and durable. Desks and worktables comes in different sizes and with numerous of custom features. In addition, all desks and worktables produced by NIEROS are in compliance with HACCP, IFS and NSF standards and thus ready to use in different countries worldwide.
  • HAM PRESSERS: are designed specifically for pressing, maturing and thermal treatment of meat products. Ham press produced by NIEROS accommodates up to 14 containers to be put into a cooking chamber for further thermal treatment. With enough spacing between the tiers for simultaneous heating, it delivers outstanding results. Also, the ham press is very adjustable. In addition, it is manufactured from stainless steel, which not only improves and speeds up the processing of pressing raw ham, but also maintains high levels of hygiene and enables optimal product shaping to enhance portion control and reduce meat cutting loss.

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Easy maintenance, low operation cost and adjustable nature are only some of the advantages

Meat processing systems manufactured by NIEROS are in compliance with highest standards accepted all around the world. Due to the great design, meat processing systems is user friendly, flexible and adjustable, thus work is efficient and quick. In addition, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment easy as well as maintaining costs are low. Nevertheless, we are not only manufacturing standard meat processing systems solutions but can also meet our customers if any special system is required. We are offering tailor made solutions, suitable for each company.

A variety of products for maintaining high hygiene standard in your company are available

Due to the great importance of high hygiene standard in meat processing industry, our food processing solutions are easy to clean and maintain. Achieving good hygiene practices and even exceeding sanitation guidelines is only possible with state-of-the-art cleaning technology. Thus, we are also producing a variety of products for hygiene maintenance. There are hygiene stations available, machines for footwear cleaning, machines for hand cleaning and also machines for cleaning the equipment. Our industrial hygiene equipment, hygiene stations and hygiene systems maintain a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process. All hygiene stations are made from stainless steel, which ensures long-life span of the equipment. In addition, the stations are easy to use and ensure efficient and quick work in your company. Furthermore, all of our products regarding cleaning equipment are in compliance with highest standards recognized all around the world and are thus suitable to use in many different countries all around the globe.

In case of any further questions about our industrial meat processing systems, meat processing technology hygiene systems solutions or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information when needed.

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