Material handling is a solution for effective production process

Material handling is a system designed to enable moving items within the production area and between different phases of production process. It also includes storage of items – products and crates and control over them. Material handling devices are a solution to guarantee time and cost effective, simplified and rationalized, fast and fluent work activities; they optimize the whole manufacturing process. They help industries to meet high quality requirements and hygiene standards. Ergonomic design of automated material handling system protects workers from injuries and makes their job easier. Nieros offers comprehensive solutions for specific needs of different industries. An array of systems and equipment is diverse. High-quality stainless steel material handling equipment includes lift systems, tipping and tilting devices and transportation equipment – all designed to serve a wide range of production tasks. Another group of transport systems enables movement of containers, pallets and products on material handling conveyors. Warehouse systems for storing full or empty Euro-pallets, Euro stacking containers, crates and boxes make inventory control reliable and precise. They are mostly automatically operated and digitally monitored using RFID destination tracking.

Material handling

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