Industrial equipment

Nieros is a manufacturer of different stainless-steel industrial equipment for various industries. We started as a small local plant in 1773, today we are global company always in line with latest industry trends. Our experiences which we gathered through years, taught us how to be persistent which helps us solve most difficult challenges. We offer custom made solutions which efficiently address challenges our business partners face every day. We help them meet demanded quality standards and assist to their time and cost optimization. Nieros is extremely quality focused and that is the reason we deliver high quality industrial equipment to food processing, agricultural, transportation, automotive, chemical industry and many more.

Industrial hygiene and washing equipment provide clean personnel and production areas

Nieros industrial hygiene equipment maintains a clean work environment, while sanitary needs are covered at every phase of production process. Cleaning machines are cost-effective, sustainable, highly efficient, user friendly and easy to maintain. Their function is to keep work and personal protective equipment clean while they establish sanitation practices for personnel entering and exiting production area. Cleaning machines have superior longevity and reliability because they are constructed in stainless-steel. Industrial washing equipment is solution for various companies where excellent washing performance is expected along with low operating costs and user-friendly operation. With our industrial cleaning machines, any item is cleaned thoroughly and quickly. We produce specialized or multipurpose cleaning machines which are capable of cleaning items such as boxes, racks, trays, plastic pallets, moulds. We can also fully customize machines to meet client specific requirements and needs. Our cleaning machines are adjusted to the latest technology and are available in many versions. They are cost effective because of efficient energy use and optimal water consumption.

industrial washing Nieros

Stainless-steel industrial material handling equipment is very reliable and durable

Material handling equipment represent extensive solutions for lifting, tilting, tipping and transporting different loads of various weight and sizes. Those solutions are suitable for different kinds of production processes for many services through control, handling and storage of materials. With economical management and humanization of various work processes, they represent best solutions for industries such as cosmetic, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and many more. We produce industrial equipment from stainless-steel, therefore it is very durable and reliable. Developing and producing devices for global market classifies us as one of the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers. We put client’s needs and specifics of their production processes first therefore we provide them with solutions which are fully customized. All industrial equipment conforms with highest hygiene and safety standards and it provides easier and safer working conditions, lower injury risks. It also increases productivity and workflow of companies and reduces labour costs. Our material handling equipment is significant in all production-oriented industries which work with pallets, barrels, bins, containers.

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Industrial lifting equipment is used in working environments performing multiple tasks

Lift systems are material handling equipment which are designed for manipulation of various items such as barrels, bins, boxes and other various packaging materials. They are convenient and ergonomic solutions capable to lift various loads to a height of up to 6 meters for additional handling, dosing, tilting, stacking and retrieving. All industrial lifting equipment can be designed as fully mobile so it can be used in different working environments where it can perform multiple work tasks. Devices can be equipped with wide range of attachments which are specific to client needs for handling various types of packaging materials. All lifters have double safety system installed, consisting of safety lock, soft stop & start function, hold &work principle. Double safety system enables gentle lift function without any vibration or thrust, it prevents any kind of sudden movements or swings of elevated load. Its innovative and robust design with all safety features provides secure working environment. Lifters significantly reduce the risk of various injuries. Special pneumatic lifter is designed for working in high-risk areas with flammability hazard. It does not have any electronic components and thus no danger of sparks. Lifters are cost effective because they reduce time which is spent on handling loads. Tipping and tilting industrial equipment have ergonomic and flexible design which enable quick, easy and safe material handling to achieve exceptional performance and immaculate hygiene. It is made of European components and high quality stainless-steel. Material handling equipment is solution for all high-risk work areas with low ceilings. Tipping and tilting industrial equipment include wash frames and bin tilter for effortless and safe cleaning and emptying of bins from raised position to create steady workflow. Industrial material handling transportation equipment is manual or battery operated and it is used to lift cargo to desired height suitable for working. It is designed to handle boxes, containers, pallets of various sizes and shapes. At the same time, it provides long or short distance transport of loads within production facilities. Transportation material handling equipment is essential in production areas which want to lower physical demands of manual work chores.

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