Material handling equipment is used for many production processes

It covers wide spectrum of tools, vehicles, storage units, appliances and accessories, used for transporting, storing, controlling, enumerating and protecting products at any phase of manufacturing, distribution consumption or disposal. Its main categories include storage, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and bulk material handling.

Wash frame

Nieros material handling systems are designed for satisfying the needs of all the production-oriented industries, having to do with heavy-duty industrial equipment like barrels, pallets, containers, bins, boxes and packages. We deliver highly customizable, fully comprehensive, integrated intralogistics and material handling systems that will help you to manage your internal production processes economically.

Material handling conveyors are mechanical devices that transport material with minimal effort. They can be powered manually, by a motor or gravity. These systems come in different forms, and are designed to perfectly suit the products or materials that need to be transported. Nieros material handling devices help different industry types achieve the best efficiency possible.  Understanding the uniqueness of every single business, we specialise in developing personalized solutions and finding the industrial conveyor systems that are best fitted to cover all your needs and expectations.

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